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    • Thanks DX.  I've ploughed through the pages and dug out what I feel are the relevant ones. Obviously, some of these are duplicates of what I've put up before.  Anyway, I would be hugely grateful if someone can look over and advise. Reading though other posts and on other cases that I've had help with from here, I don't think they have much of a case - given the weakness of much of their "evidence" - but obviously I would be grateful for some expert advice from the helpful souls on here.    Thank you.    B   Witness Oct19_redacted.pdf
    • You came here for advice, soem advice has been given adn you question the validity and source of that advice. We are all lay peopele, ie not giving professional advice but it is based on experience of the world and in some cases working in the field that advice is given on. Now you dont have to take our advice, we wont get the huff if you prefer to look elsewhere or do something else. when I asked what you think they would do with your NI number it is to prod you to think for yourself and question why they would ask for this when there is nothing legal they can do with the information so wouild you be wnating to give it to them knowing that they would want it to break the law if they processed it. Now you can take that up with the company at the top but TBH unless you want to spend money on a lawyer they will not answer the question or fob you off with some ridiculous answer anyway.   so for the moment read a lot about  RLP and similar situations to yours ans make particular note of what happened to the peopel in the end. You will find no threads theat ended by saying " thanks to you I gor sued by RLP and owe them a fortune". It isnt going to happen and the reasons why are explained in many threads. They rely on your feeling of guilt to get anywhere
    • you need to respond to their letter saying that you belive that you ahve been paid correctly ( or underpaid if you are due a small amount of accrued holiday pay etc) and demand that they show a full account of what you received, when and why and how they arrived at this figure. You then reconcile that with your P45 and use the figures to bat off any furhter demands if they still akke one. Come back if they dotn drop the matter and give us the full breakdown on hours worked, hourly rate, gross pay, tax paid  etc
    • @dx100ukI never got a response to my SAR from Octopus.   But I have just received a 'letter before court action' from one of their legal representatives, who have been "instructed to consider legal action against [me] if full payment, a settlement or your proposals to make suitable repayments arrangements are not received in the next 30 days."   I'm reading the threads now. Any advice on how to proceed? 
    • I would say let them do their worst, it will surely backfire on them. Now with restrictive contracts that stop you working fro competitors- these are notoriously vague so often not worth the paper they are written on. also they have to be fair so for example if there are only 2 companies in the UK that make a certain product your employer cant say you arent allowed to work for the other one. If you were for example trained as a hairdersser and you were going to open a salon in the next street to your ex employer then the restriction would apply if worded correctly. Dont panic about this, your new employer will be au fait with the situation and time spent worrying about a nastly letter will in their eyes take you eye off the ball so concentrate on the new job.
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SPML/Acenden - Repossession.

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I'm looking for any help/advice anyone can offer re court hearing in 3 weeks for repossession, instigated by SPML.


I'll be as brief as possible,


the background is that I took out a £5k secured loan with London Mortgage Co in 2005 (which became SPML/Acenden in about 2010)

fell in to arrears of £400 in 2007 following redundancy.

They went for repossession which the judge  suspended with an order to pay the monthly payment plus £20 until the arrears were cleared.


I maintained this arrangement but the arrears continued to increase as they were adding monthly fees and charges directly to the arrears.

When I eventually noticed this, I complained but they said they were entitled to and they weren't doing anything wrong.


Unfortunately, I didn't refer this to the Financial Ombudsman within the 6 months time limit,

when I eventually did,

they said they couldn't help as it was out of time and SPML wouldn't give them permission to look.


Any payment arrangements made in the intervening years have been pretty pointless as the charges were always more than the additional payments so that by the time the loan came to the end of it's term in 2015, I owed them £17k.


Until this time, even though the debt has spiralled,

they have never once gone back to court to try and enforce the suspended repossession order. 


I feel that I have been treated unfairly but no one seems to be able to offer any advice as what to do in 3 weeks other than hope the judge also thinks I've been treated unfairly. I can't afford legal help and don't qualify for aid and bodies such as the Citizens Advice say they can give me debt advice but not legal advice.


Any constructive suggestions would be greatly appreciated as to what I can do to try and fight back or is it a pretty hopeless case?

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first thing, can you post up the statements of account and contract that gives them the right to add these charges? Also do you have the judges order that allows them to add interest to their debt above the actual principal (ie the money you borrowed)

You can most likely recover the whole lot plus interest and that will result in them having to pay you a very large sum of money, possibly more than the £17k debt

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what jokers a £5k loan now £17k

bet theres all sorts of

arrears fees

debt visits



fees that can all be reclaimed at their int rate


get the statements quickly!

sar tomorrow



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Thanks for your replies.

I've managed to get the statements and the original agreement,

just need to redact and then scan them so I can post them up.


I can't however find the judgement from the court.

I know I should have received it but I honestly can't remember ever seeing it.


I do though have the letters from my solicitor and their solicitor confirming the judgement but not sure if that's helpful.  I also have a few copies of their list of charges, which I've been sent whenever they've ben amended. I'll attach what I have anyway once scanned.


I have raised a slightly different complaint with them along the lines of not being treated fairly and in contravention of the FCA Handbook which they have obviously rejected but said I could go to the Financial Ombudsman if not happy with their response. I've nothing to lose by doing this so I'll submit that tomorrow, but they have said they won't suspend the court hearing regardless.

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