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Foreign body in food

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Need some advice on what  to do.. we purchased a cereal from Tesco and during breakfast a few days later my son was eating cereal and nearly swallowed an eslastoplast, he spat it out.

We were all shocked, my son was sick.. This is the first time anything like this as ever happened to us. We reported the issue to Tesco and were advised its not there issue and that

i should contact Nestle. 


I sent them all the information, including photos, they are now asking for the cereal box back so they can investigate. 


Should i sent it back to them or get someone independent to verify?


What action can i take?




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Posted (edited)

Nestle are the manufacturer, and Tesco the retailer. Whilst I have sympathy with the retailer, it is still the retailer who bears the legal responsibility for selling food of adequate standard.


The problem you'll likely face is that Nestle will state that it is their policy that staff using 'plasters' MUST use the (food safe) 'blue plasters' intended for catering (that are both easier to spot visually, and detectable by systems in use in food production lines, precisely to stop this sort of thing happening).


You'll no doubt have to have Nestle conclude that one of their staff came into work with a 'non-blue' plaster (or applied a non-approved plaster in work) against policy.


Your options are going to trading standards / the EHO's, or sending the pack back to Nestle.

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