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    • I get the distinct impression they would not vote to bring down a government thats promising Brexit deal or no deal until after Oct and a hard Brexit.   I don't doubt that would suit Corbyn too.
    • No no mention of overtime. So let me get this correct, you basically have no rights in your first two years of working somewhere. 
    • Yup they would not oppose a no deal, but ... Almost impossible to imagine they wouldn't vote to bring down a Tory Government.  
    • I will send a copy of the lodgers agreement, a table that lists all the monies owed and paid for, copies of the bills that were outstanding the other lodgers paid for. I’m also relying on the fact that pre-court proceedings were not followed, that I had a different address which I will prove from a letter I received from the Department of Work and Pensions and that the name the claim is against only approximates to mine. The claim was therefore incorrectly addressed to an unknown name.  The claimant also has failed to provide a breakdown of how these figures have been reached. It’s ludicrous to state that I owe him over £2300 when the monthly rent was £700 and he stayed for 6 months and had a £1000 deposit. Even if you disregard the outstanding bills / damages due he is claiming he overpaid by 50% I.e. effectively his rent, after refunding him his deposit, was £150 per month. This doesn’t fit with current London rental rates. I hope this will demonstrate the absurdity of this claim. 
    • I think HB hit the nail on the head with the Johnson/Farage match   The Tories under anyone are extremely unlikely to win any general election. [sounds like} Hunt has said that theres no way he would call one.   Johnson Campaigning with Farage .....   Both are 'pals' of Trump Johnson IS linked with Bannon and Farage ...     There would appear to be in the order of 25 labour MP's who would vote for a no deal exit, and have indicated they would vote to prevent the overthrow of of a Tory hard Brexiter.   I think there are far more than that Tories who WOULD vote to prevent a no deal Brexit, but there are at least 70 Tories who would vote for a no deal Brexit.- possibly more.       .. and of course Corbyn has now started the process to deselect any Labour Mp's who aren't Corbynites ready for the general election.  
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CCTV Subject Access Request / 30 Day notice / 30 day retention

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I've tried to get access to footage of myself from a private company's CCTV camera using their subject access request email form. I got no response from them (not even an acknowledgement) so a week later I've chased them by phone.


The company have informed me that:

They only hold the footage for 30 days.

My request was made on the 25th day.

They say their contractor that deals with the CCTV system needs 2-3 weeks lead-time to reclaim the footage.

Therefore there's no point in them even processing my request because the footage will be deleted by the time they come to retrieve it.


I feel like I'm being fobbed off. I'd just like to check that they are allowed to do this and I'm not missing anything?




"Be reasonable, demand the impossible"

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I think you need to give us much more detail about the story here. It's impossible to advise you on the extremely scant facts that you have provided

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