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VCS/BW PCN PAPLOC Now Claimform - no permit - Woodside Business Park, Peel Investments, Birkenhead

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£60 Abuse of Process at Paragraph 66  -68  of the  OPS case at Lewes County Court by DDJ harvey

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The bailiff: A 12th Century solution re-branded as Enforcement Agents for the 21st Century to seize and sell debtors goods as before Oh so Dickensian!

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Go as per DX use what EB suggests as a guide, along the lines of you had no legitimate claim 3 years ago, i haven't and you, I and BW legal know this, and I haven't forgotten, sure EB will call in and

not being funny dave you've been here since 2016   more than enough time to realise cag is also a self help forum and we have a very good custom google search box on the left after clic

How about tis- Dear sirs, I am surprised that Simple Simon is wasting his money hiring the parking world's second worst solicitors to chase up a claim that both you and he knows is spurious.. Sho

In addition, the new Code of Conduct to be issued soon by the Government to prevent the issuing of unfair charges by the rogue parking companies includes preventing them fro charging motorists who have a valid permit but failed to display it.


And of course when no permit is displayed in any event that motorist is then classed as a trespasser and only the land owner can sue for trespass.


And of course having not only lost in Court at least once on the added £60 as well as a host of other cases being refused on the same grounds you will be asking for all of your costs to be paid and exemplary damages as well as a breach of your GDPR.

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Thanks LFI and BN, I appreciate all this extra information and support, it goes such a long way in terms of detail I can offer, and confidence it brings me on the day.


I will take a good look at the link you provided which I am sure backs up further the abuse of process like you say.


Wrt to costs, how would that be expressed? Is that something I offer verbally on the day, or something I chase up afterwards once the verdict has been given?

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If they do turn up in Court and it is quite a big if. then when they lose you ask for your costs- day off work, cost of travel, parking and £19? per hour for litigants work. 

And yes do read the whole article as it will give you other reasons to shoot them down if they do turn up.

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