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    • There have been significant developments today, and unfortunately, they are not good.   Firstly, myself and other people that have looked at and contributed to this thread would have assumed that Lowell would have discontinued, after taking it right to the wire, however, this appears not to be the case.  It looks like they are going for it big style.   Secondly, I was reading the threads last night, a credit agreement exactly the same as mine was taken to Court and a Judge said it was enforceable and the defendant lost the case.  That knocked the stuffing out of me quite a lot.   Thirdly, and most seriously, I was having a word with my line manager at work (who is also a good friend) this afternoon.  He told me (off the record) that I was putting my job at risk if I lose the case.  Apparently, anyone who gains a CCJ is duty bound to declare it and disciplinary proceedings will follow.  I do not work in the financial sector where I know this is commonplace, but I work with confidential and sensitive information and was told that my employer will think that I am vulnerable to bribery and corruption.  Apparently they will take defaults into account, (I did have a couple of defaults when I first started), but a CCJ is a big no no.  I did not know this as I would not have let things get anywhere near this far.  I was told to get this sorted ASAP.  My stress and anxiety levels are now through the roof.   How I wished now I had just arranged that damn Tomlin Order with them a couple of weeks ago.  If I knew then, what I know now, it would have been a "no brainer".  I do not want to gamble with my job. Where I live, jobs are very hard to find.  I could end up jobless and homeless for just one "appointment" with the Judge.  I simply cannot take the risk.   So where do I go from here?  Is it too late to go for the Tomlin Order as the hearing is on Friday.  It would solve all of my problems at the moment and help me keep my job and my home.    I have no savings, no property and my reasonable expenditure is just about my income, so they could not get much out me.  Perhaps £10 a month is the maximum I could afford.  I feel now I have burnt my boats and I am at their mercy.  I absolutely hate them with a passion.  But I also hate myself, as I should have researched fully the consequences of my job.   Is there any way I can sort this mess out before it's too late?  Any ideas would be most welcome.  
    • Did you sign a personal guarantee? Have you a copy of the ccj? is it in your name or the ltd company name?   https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8889411648654839:3134625398&q=Limited company ccj&oq=Limited company ccj&gs_l=partner-generic.12...23159.34137.0.36634.
    • Thanks dx100uk  ....  Thought not, but just checked to be sure and no neither one used ...  A parking/penalty slip, and in just the above post only.
    • Admiral probably won't offer near £3600. They are most likely to offer lower end of value shown in Glasses guide. Then you will have the excess deducted from the amount.   Always up to policyholder to negotiate the market value by providing evidence of similar cars for sale locally. Details of condition of the car pre accident etc.    Depending on the damage you can always get a local garage or AA/RAC to carry out an inspection and report on damage/costs of repair. But they may charge you and the Insurers won't cover costs of your inspection report.   Insurers don't mess around with repairs over a certain value, as can be a pain, as they would be liable for more repairs if policyholder unhappy after initial repair or damage was missed.   The £100 injury cover i thought was not cover for actual injury. I thought this was cover if you incurred costs due to be injured e.g. ambulance call charge.    Cannot really criticise Admiral as what you have been told by them appears to be correct. Unfortunately most people don't realise how Insurance works until they need to claim.
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Email from Wonga administrators

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I've had an email recently as follows :


You may have a claim and be due a refund from Wonga Dear Miss Wilson As you may be aware, WDFC UK Limited (trading as Wonga.com) entered into administration on 31 August 2018. Chris Laverty, Daniel Smith and Andrew Charters were appointed as joint administrators of WDFC UK Limited on 31 August 2018 (the "Joint Administrators"). Why are you being contacted? As part of the administration process, the Joint Administrators are seeking claims from current and former customers of Wonga who believe they were sold an unaffordable loan(s) and may have an eligible claim. How can I make a claim? An Online Claims Portal has been provided by the Joint Administrators as a secure channel for you to submit a claim in a fast and straightforward manner, without the need for any third party assistance. Completing this application should take just a few minutes. The Online Claims Portal will ask you for some account information (e.g. name, email address associated with your Wonga account, etc). Following which, it will try to identify you automatically based on Wonga's records. If successfully identified, you will be able to submit a claim on the Online Claims Portal. Once submitted we will email you to confirm that your claim has been submitted, and no further action is needed by you. We will email you again once your claim has been assessed.Submit your claim now


Has anyone else had one and is it legitimate ?


I have had around 50 loans with Wonga over about 7 years but have never claimed against them.




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I've just replied to the email and it says replying to wonga.com ? 


The email link takes you to a online claim portal.




Sorry, yes it does come from theteam@hq.wonga.com !


I'll go ahead with it then and see what happens.

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