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    • So ready to post this defence. Having looked at what you wrote for the other thread:   ----------------------------------- 1 The Claimant's claim was issued on (insert date).  2 The Defendant contends that the Claimant's claim so issued is a claim in contract and is statute barred pursuant to the provisions of section 5 of the limitation act 1980.  . If, which is denied, the claimant contends that the Defendant is in breach of the alleged contract, in excess of 6 years have elapsed since the date on which any cause of action for breach accrued for the benefit of the Claimant. .  3 The Claimant's claim to be entitled to payment of £[ total amount?]  or any other sum, or relief of any kind is denied. ------------------------------------- Is this correct and thats all?   can i attach this printed off to the claim form or must i write on the form itself?   Do i just send the defence page or the first page titled 'claim form' also?   Im going to post to the court address shown on the first page as i cannot see another address
    • There have been significant developments today, and unfortunately, they are not good.   Firstly, myself and other people that have looked at and contributed to this thread would have assumed that Lowell would have discontinued, after taking it right to the wire, however, this appears not to be the case.  It looks like they are going for it big style.   Secondly, I was reading the threads last night, a credit agreement exactly the same as mine was taken to Court and a Judge said it was enforceable and the defendant lost the case.  That knocked the stuffing out of me quite a lot.   Thirdly, and most seriously, I was having a word with my line manager at work (who is also a good friend) this afternoon.  He told me (off the record) that I was putting my job at risk if I lose the case.  Apparently, anyone who gains a CCJ is duty bound to declare it and disciplinary proceedings will follow.  I do not work in the financial sector where I know this is commonplace, but I work with confidential and sensitive information and was told that my employer will think that I am vulnerable to bribery and corruption.  Apparently they will take defaults into account, (I did have a couple of defaults when I first started), but a CCJ is a big no no.  I did not know this as I would not have let things get anywhere near this far.  I was told to get this sorted ASAP.  My stress and anxiety levels are now through the roof.   How I wished now I had just arranged that damn Tomlin Order with them a couple of weeks ago.  If I knew then, what I know now, it would have been a "no brainer".  I do not want to gamble with my job. Where I live, jobs are very hard to find.  I could end up jobless and homeless for just one "appointment" with the Judge.  I simply cannot take the risk.   So where do I go from here?  Is it too late to go for the Tomlin Order as the hearing is on Friday.  It would solve all of my problems at the moment and help me keep my job and my home.    I have no savings, no property and my reasonable expenditure is just about my income, so they could not get much out me.  Perhaps £10 a month is the maximum I could afford.  I feel now I have burnt my boats and I am at their mercy.  I absolutely hate them with a passion.  But I also hate myself, as I should have researched fully the consequences of my job.   Is there any way I can sort this mess out before it's too late?  Any ideas would be most welcome.  
    • Did you sign a personal guarantee? Have you a copy of the ccj? is it in your name or the ltd company name?   https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8889411648654839:3134625398&q=Limited company ccj&oq=Limited company ccj&gs_l=partner-generic.12...23159.34137.0.36634.
    • Thanks dx100uk  ....  Thought not, but just checked to be sure and no neither one used ...  A parking/penalty slip, and in just the above post only.
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Eventually got to our destination.

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We booked flights quite a few months ago from Liverpool to Amsterdam (there were 4 of us). A few days before our planned departure, we received an email of EasyJet to inform us that our flight could be subject to delay or cancellation due to air traffic control strikes in France. However, we arrived at Liverpool airport at approx. 03:30 for a 06:00 flight departure. On arrival at Liverpool, we then saw an email off EasyJet that had arrived approx. 03:00 saying our flight had been cancelled due to air traffic control strike. We were offered a refund or options of Bristol or London for flights (each being well over 3 hours drive away). We refused those options and decided to check out Skyscanner since we had pre-booked accommodation. We found flights from Doncaster for 15:00 that same day, returning Monday. Although arriving in Holland and returning to the UK at much later times, those flights suited us so we drove (2 hours/100 miles) to Doncaster.


We then had to pay for parking (at last minute prices!! and we lost time at work on the Monday we returned to the UK (late evening instead of early morning).


Are EasyJet supposed to compensate us or just provide a refund for their flight tickets? I’m not sure if air traffic control strike constitutes 'extraordinary circumstances' which is something i believe many airlines hide behind.


Thanks for any help/advice or info.

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Refund only.

While the airlines sometimes do try to hide behind “extraordinary circumstances” for things that aren’t, an air traffic control strike is one such event not in their control, and that they aren’t obliged to compensate you for.

Did you have travel insurance? If so look for what they will provide (I’m thinking delayed departure claim)

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