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    • No But welcome will pull the FCA waiver when you try them   Use our search Type in coast Get reading up   Cca wont hurt!
    • Defendant details A defendant is the person or organisation that the claim will be issued against (i.e. the party who owes you the money). You should consider the following: a) Number of Defendants There can be up to two defendants for claims issued via MCOL – for claims against more than two defendants you should contact the County Court Money Claim Centre. If you want to issue a claim with two defendants you will need to click the ‘Add a 2nd defendant’ button.   Please note that each individual should be listed as a separate defendant. For example, if you were issuing a claim against a husband and wife, they need to be listed separately as the first and second defendant and not on one line as “Mr and Mrs”. b) Choosing the Defendant(s) Each defendant can be one person or an organisation (such as a limited company). Remember, amendments after issuing the claim can be time consuming and may incur additional fees, so you should consider carefully who is responsible for the debt when adding a defendant(s). Please note, court staff are not legally trained and therefore cannot tell you who the defendant(s) should be. If you are unsure who to claim against you should seek legal advice. You should make sure the information you provide is accurate and complete. For any individual defendants you should make sure that you include their forename and family name and that you have spelt their name correctly. For organisations, you should make sure you have the full, registered name of the company. Please be aware there may be several companies with similar names therefore if the name you provide is incorrect you could inadvertently issue a claim against the wrong company. Please be aware if you use the incorrect name it may not be possible to register judgments or take enforcement action at the later stages of the claim.   Providing a valid address for each Defendant You need to provide a full address within England and Wales for each defendant, including the post code. This is known as their service address. MCOL does not have jurisdiction outside England and Wales, claims issued to addresses outside England and Wales will be invalid.  if the defendant is an individual the claim must be served to their usual or last known residential address  if the defendant is an individual using a trading alias then the claim may be served to their usual or last known residential address or their place of business  if the defendant is an organisation then the claim may be served to their registered office or to the address where you have been dealing with them Further information on choosing the address for service correctly can be found in the Civil Procedure Rules 6.9. An online version of the Civil Procedure Rules can be found at: http://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/.   Andy
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erudio/Drydens - old SLC loan

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OK gang any help very much welcomed.


October 2018 I got a letter for DrydensFairfax regarding what appeared to be an old student loan.It was literally half a piece of paper with my name and address(incorrect) and one line stating Date.... Amount Owed....Credit... Debit....Total.


Nothing more-no details as to how it was made up,where it had come from,any contact details.I could have given my 6-year goddaughter half an hour on Excel and she'd have come up with something more professional...


Wrote to them to tell them I was disputing it and they would have to provide more evidence than that.Did not hear any reply back until this weekend when I received their we-may-take-you-to-court notice.Letter I sent telling them it was still in dispute was returned refused. No email contact accepted.


As I have my trusty phone recorder I bit the bullet and called them. 9 times with wait times of up to 40 minutes-never returned any calls. When I finally got through and told them it was in dispute,the call was terminated and calls from my number barred.


Using 141 before it I finally got to someone who has informed me(and I have requested it in writing) that since their client is not disputing the amount(well they wouldn't would they) it is not considered in dispute and FCA rules do not apply and if I did not like that then I would have to bring it up at court.


They have also apparently written to me many times to confirm this but they could not specify which address-it seems interesting that only the pre-court notice has been sent to the correct place.

What's my next step-they have supplied no evidence beyond this bit of paper that says 'You owe us £x,000.Pay now' and will not comply with FCA rules on disputes?





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I will assume this is drydens for erudio as their stated client.

1st STOP using the phone and email

never use those and now block them and bounce all emails back.


have you received a letter of claim and a reply pack?


what was the date of your last deferment please?


have you moved since you last deferred and to whom did you defer too?


retitled and moved to the SLC forum.


10000's of threads here to read.







please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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