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    • Look at some respected Viral epidemiologists working on this new virus on Twitter versus the crazy unverified reports of people 'dropping like flies'. Plenty of conspiracy theories from people trying to sell books too.   It's widely thought that some of the increase in cases is due to not having tests available at the beginning, and that there are large numbers of people who had mild symptoms, that never got detected.  Therefore it's likely that the mortality is much lower than thought. Also think about how many people are lining up in hospitals who might only have a cold but are terrified from all the panic.   However all are urging caution, that much more will be revealed over the coming weeks as the infections accelerate.   It is terrifying to see a city on lockdown, but also worth understanding even a 0.5% fatality rate in China is 10's of millions of people. That's why they are acting like it's a Hollywood disaster movie.    
    • Hello, can anyone help please?   As part of new City regulators affordability rules I'm about to have my barclaycard (£6000 balance) taken away from me as I'm only meeting the monthly payments and never clearing down the balance. Barclaycard wrote to me and asked for £750 a month which is way out of reach on my income.    Having been around this site for many years I'm very reluctant to speak to them, does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed here? This card is around 5yrs old and I'm committed to paying off the debt. Stopping the interest and agreeing a payment plan would suit me but will they go for it? Should I let it default and just deal with the debt agency?    Any advice would be most welcome.   many thanks
    • Thanks for the revision.   The other odd thing is that the recorded delivery letter I sent to the alleged recipient has never been signed for -  the tracking simply states 'we've got your item' although it was sent 1st class on Wed 22nd - it's now the 28th.  So I can only conclude that it was refused 
    • Thank you for all your help and advice, I do appreciate it.   I think really I just need to understand why, after going to all the effort of obtaining a warrant, Spark or Marston's wouldn't do a quick check on the electoral register to see who lives here.  If not there seems the potential for them to be breaking into homes without the correct information all the time.  If there were a debt from another previous tenant that I am unaware of then using that logic they could obtain another warrant and enter again could they not?   This has left me very upset and shaken and unfortunately echoes the same feelings as being burgled a few years ago.  I really hate the thought of someone I don't know having been in my home when I'm not here.   I'll just follow the complaint procedures with the energy companies and see where I get to and try not to shout at Spark when I open the accounts to clear the balance.  The balance I am talking about clearing is mine as Spark tell me they've been supplying the property since November, not either of my preferred suppliers so I have no choice but to give them money.  I really don't feel like giving them anything under the circumstances but I'm certainly not going to do anything to make the situation worse!    
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Pizza Hut BS23 3WL - UKPC ANPR

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1 Date of the infringement



2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]

23/04/2019. This is the 2nd letter I've had. I cant find the first one.


3 Date received



4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?]

No, not that I can see.


5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event?

Yes. Anpr photo of me leaving the carpark 


6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?]



7 Who is the parking company?



8. Where exactly [carpark name and town]

Pizza Hut

I went back to the car park and took photos of the signage on site, which wasnt even readable when out of the car and stood right next to it.

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I'm struggling to upload the photos from phone. Will log on with laptop to do that bit.

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the date on the first one is VITAL, anything after that is irrelevant.

Have you destroyed the original NTK or just misplaced it? All of the info we need to beat them now is in this letter. Signage etc will determine if they offered a contract to driver or not but the NRTK decides whetehr there is even a chance there is a bill to pay as the POFA is explicit in what it must say

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I've misplaced it, but am looking everywhere. I do know that the format of the letter was exactly the same as the second one I've received.





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we cant read them

post them as a pdf so we can enlarge

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