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    • Hi    another quick update   Just had my Mediation call and advised them that I do not have enough information from PRA to continue with the mediation.   The mediator relayed that  PRA confirmed they have sent me the agreement and statement and that PRA believe this is enough to determine that this is my debt.   PRA confirmed that they do not have the "default notice" but believe the information they provided is enough for the court   Now I will just wait for the court process to initiate and in the meantime i will continue to work on my statement   thanks    
    • Hi all,   just checked my credit report on Credit Karma, and I’ve had a search from ‘Lexusnexus’. do I need to be concerned? Since they are a data mining company from the states, is this the precursor to potential legal action?   H
    • Online part done. CCA and CPR - send recorded?
    • Hi,   Thanks for your reply.   Firstly I asked several times for a refund closer to the time I enrolled on the course and was told I could not have one due to the center paying for the course upfront. I did make it very clear that I was struggling with the course, however due to the center not being open when I could attend that I would not be able to finish it, also that due a change in job role I would be unable to make days when the center was open. However given that the center advertised several times it would be open late and on a weekend this was not honoured several times and yes I have a detailed log of this.    The entire cost of the course was over £3700 - I can get back to you with the exact amount once I am home as I have kept the recites   There was also an incident with the Sage course due to it having to be studied within the classroom - when I was able to get into the venue the package was not working and also the obvious reason for the center being closed.   The course was conducted via mixed methods, however when trying to complete the training online their system was not working, so could not be accessed whilst I was trying to study at home. I did phone the center about this at the time, however this was not remedied.   Thanks
    • First of all you should understand that this is going to be difficult – partly because you have left it so long, partly because of their franchise system it is very difficult to pin them down and finally because you have already said yourself that some of the reason for not completing the course is because of your own mental/emotional state. Your poor health at the time was very unfortunate – and I'm very sorry about that – but that is not something that you will be able to rely upon if you attempt to recover any money. In fact it would be in your best interests not to refer to this. Have you already brought this up with them? Could you please tell us how much the entire course cost. Also, you will need to give a fairly detailed chronology of the listed class times and the times that they were closed without giving you notice. We need to understand what impact these are notified closures had upon the total amount of allocated time. Was the course conducted mostly online or was it conducted with face-to-face contact at their classrooms?
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Future Comms 02 Contract

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I took out a three year contract out Two months ago.  

Four devices paying £329 per month including vat. 

Expecting a rebate of £135 plus vat.  

Was told I cannot get vat on the rebate.   

This means I’m paying more money now than when i was with Vodafone and been with them 20 plus years.  


Encouraged by Emma to move my business to 02.  

Future Comms would pay my early termination fee of around £2k 


to date no rebates and continual phoning no one actually wants to solve my problems.  

Sarah, Charlie all offer to phone me  back to get you off the phone.


Faye the customer service manager

I had a long chat with last week on the 24th telling her everything that was wrong and I even followed it up with an email that evening.  

Her last words  to me was she would call me the next day to sort everything out. 

No call. 


I have called numerous times to no avail.  

Yesterday again and twice today.  

Leaving messages and no call backs. 


I don’t understand how this company can continue  conning people out of good contracts for better deals and give nothing.  


I am very worried that my early termination fee will not be paid which I cannot afford and I cannot afford to pay £329 per month either.    

If I don’t pay I will have no phone.  

Disgusting state of affairs.  

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Unfortunately on the basis of what we know about this company you are probably very right to be worried.

When is the date on which these payments are due?

in terms of no VAT on the rebates, there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn't be able to rebate you your VAT as well and I'm afraid that the VAT puzzle is an issue which is coming up very often as well. I'm afraid of that when people are sold the contracts by this company, not enough questions are asked and the whole deal is done over the telephone we are all the evidence and it's all on the horrid. That means that people don't really understand what they are apparently getting into.

even where they do understand, there is still the ongoing problem of failures to make the promised payments.


When are the payments due?




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Also, what evidence do you have of the arrangement which you entered into with this company.

Do you have anything in writing or might you have recorded the calls?


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Ok.  I have a signed contract.  

they were told as a business I am not vat registered.  

My monthly package at £329 includes vat.

My rebate of £135 does not.  

I was paying £170 Ishrat with vodafone.   

The agreed price was £145 and pay my redemption.   No of this seems true. 

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I am not an expert at all on tax matters but it seems to me that whether you are VAT registered or not, if there is a figure which represents the proportion of what you are playing in VAT and if they promise to refund out then they should.

You haven't told us the dates for all this money was you.

I haven't worked out whether they are actually in arrears to you or you are simply worried about it because the date is coming up.

the contract that you have talked about presumably contains details of all these refund but they have promised you.

In other words you have got something that you could show to a court which would prove exactly what has been agreed between you.




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