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    • claim letter sent as an email with signed PDF attached. Now waiting for a response....
    • Look at some respected Viral epidemiologists working on this new virus on Twitter versus the crazy unverified reports of people 'dropping like flies'. Plenty of conspiracy theories from people trying to sell books too.   It's widely thought that some of the increase in cases is due to not having tests available at the beginning, and that there are large numbers of people who had mild symptoms, that never got detected.  Therefore it's likely that the mortality is much lower than thought. Also think about how many people are lining up in hospitals who might only have a cold but are terrified from all the panic.   However all are urging caution, that much more will be revealed over the coming weeks as the infections accelerate.   It is terrifying to see a city on lockdown, but also worth understanding even a 0.5% fatality rate in China is 10's of millions of people. That's why they are acting like it's a Hollywood disaster movie.    
    • Hello, can anyone help please?   As part of new City regulators affordability rules I'm about to have my barclaycard (£6000 balance) taken away from me as I'm only meeting the monthly payments and never clearing down the balance. Barclaycard wrote to me and asked for £750 a month which is way out of reach on my income.    Having been around this site for many years I'm very reluctant to speak to them, does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed here? This card is around 5yrs old and I'm committed to paying off the debt. Stopping the interest and agreeing a payment plan would suit me but will they go for it? Should I let it default and just deal with the debt agency?    Any advice would be most welcome.   many thanks
    • Thanks for the revision.   The other odd thing is that the recorded delivery letter I sent to the alleged recipient has never been signed for -  the tracking simply states 'we've got your item' although it was sent 1st class on Wed 22nd - it's now the 28th.  So I can only conclude that it was refused 
    • Thank you for all your help and advice, I do appreciate it.   I think really I just need to understand why, after going to all the effort of obtaining a warrant, Spark or Marston's wouldn't do a quick check on the electoral register to see who lives here.  If not there seems the potential for them to be breaking into homes without the correct information all the time.  If there were a debt from another previous tenant that I am unaware of then using that logic they could obtain another warrant and enter again could they not?   This has left me very upset and shaken and unfortunately echoes the same feelings as being burgled a few years ago.  I really hate the thought of someone I don't know having been in my home when I'm not here.   I'll just follow the complaint procedures with the energy companies and see where I get to and try not to shout at Spark when I open the accounts to clear the balance.  The balance I am talking about clearing is mine as Spark tell me they've been supplying the property since November, not either of my preferred suppliers so I have no choice but to give them money.  I really don't feel like giving them anything under the circumstances but I'm certainly not going to do anything to make the situation worse!    
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Letter From Shop Direct FInance Company -PPI

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Looking for some advise


I have received a very strange letter from shop direct finncial group.

it goes on to say that I had made a previous complaint about PPI and they rejected it ,

but i can make another siting a new ruling , and invites me to do it.


big problem is ,
I have never made a PPI claim with them or any one else for that matter  ,


since this came I have had a look at a free credit report to see that they have made a " Beneficiary trace enquiry" against both my previous addresses .

so dont know what this is all about.


I had one of theur catalog accounts about 12 years ago,

turned out that when i wasnt even living in the UK they had applied a massive debt on to it (thousands of pounds) and had sent letters,


as soon as i got to know i contacted them

turned out that it was some item they said was purchased on the account

( i had not used the account for years even before i left -thought it was closed),


as it was i had already left the country  more than a year ago to the date stated

i made it clear i could categorically prove this ,

after a few months they said they had made a mistake and closed the account after removing the said balance.

is it possible that they are somehow trying to pin this on me again using PPI excuse?

seeing as I never claimed any way.


P.s : it must be said I did have a couple of defaulted debts (not with these guys or any mail order)

it was 2 credit cards,


after i left the country they had been sending letters my previous house mates had returned all ,

i never contacted them or paid, eventfully after 6 years they fell off my data and all of them are close to 12 years with out any sort of contact anyway .


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P.s : it must be said I did have a couple of defaulted debts (not with these guys or any mail order)

it was few credit cards (not 2) ...managed to settle a cople never contcted others in any way now all SB'd ..

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it will be in regard to the plevin ruling on hidden commission they got back from the underwriters of the PPI policy they sold you [in simple terms - a backhander to them]


now yours is an interesting situation in a way, as the account balance turned out to be their mistake by the sound of it, so effectively they don't owe you anything.

now they could have sold this on to a dca and as you quite correctly say its donkeys years old and now statute barred anyway...but if you did accept the payment, it cant reset the SB , but most probably they'd buy the account back fron the dca and offset this refund against the debt, so you wont see anything.


up to you..it cant harm you, could put money in your pocket...after all..its was their mistake.. I cant see why you cant allow them to make two mistakes..🤣 

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Thanks for your reply


my Only worry is is are they trying to say I re-set the "clock" seeing as they try to pin something on me before that wsnt mine ?

are they trying it on again ?


it is worded such as below ,important thing is I have never ever made a PPI complaint


"you Previously complained to us about our sale of your PPI policy .we rejected it ,in our view it was not mis-sold” and invites me to re-submit my “Complaint” .

so you can see I never did make a complaint in the first place!!!

,hence my apprehension they did try to pin something on me once that wasn't mine ,

im worried they are going to again by the wording

” you Complained previously about PPI

( meaning i accepted something? -perhaps?) . 


how come they still have these records anyway after all these years?


alternatively should i call and complain about the wording and the "beneficiary Trace inquiry" ?
ANy thoughts?


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a PPI refund cant reset anything.

if they are offering you money, then id take it.

its not admittance even if the debt wasn't yours

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