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Hi all,

I am having an issue with the landlord who owns the property below mine, who is refusing to pay for roof repairs on the property. We are both leasehold and these repairs are our responsibility.

Could anyone point me in the direction of the best forum, to find information on where I stand with this? Or even pass on some links for forum discussions on a similar topic, which might help me understand more?

Many thanks.

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Moved you to the residential forum.

Ask away

or read stuff here

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Sorry you haven't had many response please be patient.


Now you say you are leasehold as is the neighbour below.


How are you sure it was that neighbour holding up the roof repairs due to refusal to pay?


Who is the Freeholder/Managing Agent for the Properties?


What Action is the Freeholder/Managing Agent for the properties doing about the Roof Repairs? (have you raised your issue with them?)






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landlord of flat below is also a leaseholder? that doesnt make sense so no wonder you havent received much help.

there is an identical thread to this already running that is just as short on detail as yours, is this a duplicate thread?

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Hi Stu007,


Yes that's correct. I live in a converted property and are both leasehold for our flats. I know the other owner is holding up repairs, as I've been dealing with her directly on the issue.

The letting agent is doing nothing. I went to them originally about the problem with the roof, but they passed me straight to the other owner, as she wanted me to deal with her and is now refusing to take things any further. I own my flat and the letting agent manages the property for the other owner, who rents hers out.


There is an ongoing issue with a leak caused in both our flat by a third party, who came to do works in my property for pest control. The landlord of the flat below chose to pay for these repairs herself (I believe), rather than go through her insurers and is now trying to recover the cost from my insurers and won't discuss any repairs for the roof, until this is rectified. I'm also pretty sure that the insurers will not  be paying anything out to the other owner, as they have told me they can't find any evidence that I was negligent / liable for the damage, which means the other landlord will still refuse to pay her share for the roof.


The actual freeholder is also errant. I have never heard from them in the 15 years I have lived there and never been able to get in touch with them when I've tried, so they are not involved in this issue currently. I'm trying to contact them, as I'm not sure if they are liable for the roof costs, or if they just have to arrange repairs and the leaseholders then pay for it. So far we have just arranged and paid for any roof repairs ourselves over the years.


The other owner has a history of not maintaining their property though. They have never paid or contributed towards any maintenance to the communal areas of the property and her own flat is in a bad state of repair from the outside. Every time the roof has been repaired previously, she's had an issue with paying money towards it and just generally makes life difficult.

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