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Hello All,


I have been having an ongoing discussion with my energy supplier regarding what i consider to be extortionate charges for my electricity.


I am a single woman who lives in a very well insulated, double glazed, one bedroom apartment.

I have a modern boiler that was brand new 6 months ago and the old one was only replaced because my bills were so high I thought it was the boiler to blame.


My supplier have me on an economy 10 meter, which they refuse to change without a charge of £150.00.

They say I am on the best tariff for me.


I pay around £110/£120 a month which goes down to around £85 in the summer.

My friend who has a family of two children & a husband in a 4 bedroom house pays less than I do.


I use electric for everything (so do they) but I don't shower every day and bath probably once or twice a week.

Is there anything I can do?

At least get a different meter fitted?


My boiler is not on a timer it heats the water and keeps it warm once a day.


Thank you.

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What is Economy 10 electricity?

Economy 10 is a UK electricity plan, officially known as a ‘differential tariff’, that can help you pay less for your electricity. Basically, you pay normal prices most of the time, but cheaper rates during other ‘off peak’ times. These off-peak times are specified by the energy provider and are spread across the day. Altogether they will add up to 10 hours during each 24-hour period - which is why the plan is known as Economy 10.The off-peak unit prices available with an Economy 10 plan are often half the standard amount – so if you use appliances like dishwashers, slow cookers or washing machines during these off-peak times, it could help you cut your energy bills. However, you will need to be careful and disciplined about your energy use, because unit rates for energy you use outside these ten hours can be higher than usual.



We could do with some help from you.



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Hi, yes i understand this. But it doesn't work with my schedule so i end up using electricity during the peak times. They say they will charge me £150 to change the meter. It was already on this tariff when I moved into the property. Any ideas anyone?

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so what are your meter readings for the last month?

you say you are payig too much but you havent said what your consumption is nor how much per kwH you are paying. Also some companies charge twice as much as others as a daily standing charge ( BG for example are 50% more expensive than my supplier)

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