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    • The dealer is MK autos ltd in Milton Keynes.   We know the car was serviced by bmw once, as we called to ask but about 2 years ago.  The car was brought for £10,995 but with finance cost total will be £22,000.. Eye watering amount but again we was pushed into a corner. I needed a car my mum has terminal lung cancer and I do all the hospital appointments. We thought that we would be safe for a while at least.   Again I forgot to mention that although the car had a "service" the rear brakes went and were replaced on the 15th June 2019..   We have paid so far in total £2260 in 6 months.   I am prepared to fight this!!  
    • What is the name of the dealer please? I'm afraid that you seem to have managed to miss certain important landmarks. If a defect occurs within the first 30 days then you are entitled to a refund or a replacement at your option. Unfortunately you didn't assert this short-term right to reject and so you have lost the opportunity. After that, if a defect occurs within the first six months then you have the right to insist upon a repair and if the repair fails then you are entitled to a refund or a replacement at your option. Unfortunately you haven't taken advantage of this. The dealer has claimed that a warranty has expired. It has nothing to do with warranties and in fact warranties tend to be extremely misleading because they tend to lull you into a sense that you have no other rights. This is not true. Under the Consumer Rights Act you are entitled to have a vehicle which is of satisfactory quality – given the price, age, and other relevant factors – and that it remains in a satisfactory condition for a reasonable period of time. On the basis of what you say it seems to me that the defects are serious enough to render the vehicle not of satisfactory quality. However, you are dealing with a dealer who is clearly unhelpful. I don't know why you haven't told us who he is – but you should do. You have taken out finance and although you reached out to the finance company at an early stage, they declined to get involved. They gave you a reason and it seems that you accepted this reason even though you don't seem to understand that the finance company has no friend of yours. Your interests are in conflict with theirs. Under section 75 of the consumer credit act, the finance company is liable to exactly the same extent as the dealer is. The chances are that you may have to take one or other of them to court. You certainly need to be prepared to do so and be prepared to threaten it in the hope that someone will put their hands up – but if they don't then you will go ahead with your threat. Don't bluff. You haven't told us how much you have paid for the vehicle. Also, have you sought an independent quotation for the repair work? On the basis that the dealer is probably going to remain uncooperative then you are probably looking at several months before this is sorted out. The way to deal with it will be to be extremely assertive and aggressive and we will help you if you have the will to do it.  
    • Quick update since it's been 4 months now - they never responded to the letter I sent and the case got passed onto Zinc. They try to phone/text me probably once or twice a week, I have never responded though. Blocking the number doesn't help, seems like they have an endless supply of disposable numbers which is a bit annoying, but whatever 😑. They also send me the occasional email reminding them that I "owe" them money too. I've never received any physical letters.   That's pretty much it. For anyone who came across this post because they're in a similar situation to the one I was, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Just ignore them. These people are powerless. They'll try to contact you endlessly and it's a tiny bit annoying, but eventually they'll bugger off. Nobody will show up at your door. Your credit score won't be affected. Their whole business is based around trying to intimidate vulnerable people into paying money that they don't owe.
    • It depends from a lot of factors: 1. Is the timing chain a serviceable item, even by visual inspection? 2. At around 50k miles i would expect the manufacturer to step in for a snapped chain. IMO they shouldn't break on an almost new engine. 3. Was the car sold as fsh? From main dealer, vat registered garage or backstreet/tesco car park mechanic? 4. Did the chain break inside the 6 months?
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Hello all, 

I have seen other threads on this but they are dated a while back and wanted some advice. 


I signed up for a 3 month gym membership with ROKO in September, I was sold this by a member of the team as I was moving to London in December and so didn't need anything long term. I paid the 3 months and then when I was charged for a fourth month rang and asked them why and they said I needed to give a 3 month cancellation period and thus would have had to have cancelled the day I joined in order to have had a 3 month membership. This was NOT explained to me or else of course I would have done it. I ended the direct debit with my bank and thought nothing of it (I never had a copy of the contract to take home)


I since moved so the first contact I had with anyone regarding this matter was CRS debt collection who had sent a number of texts asking to call them which I thought was fraud and then an email stating I owe ROKO £238 of debt. Thats over £100 more than the 3 months worth of membership. 


Having read similar cases I can see that this is part of a ROKO contract, so it will be written on the contract I signed and so legally I am unsure where I stand on this now. Totally unjust for a gym to expect you to pay 3 months worth of gym membership after you no longer need it. Even more annoyed that I didn't hear about any of this until just now when I received my email and so I am assuming there were steps I could have taken before that wouldn't have been so costly had I have received said letters from ROKO.


The gym will now not talk to me directly, so I am wondering what the best course of action is.

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best course of action? Ignore them.


as ab aside if you agreed a 3 moth no strings contract with a member of staff then that is the contract you have and the terms were individually negotiated so they trump the usual contract. i suspect they know this but will use bullying to try and get what they want- money fro nothing.

As they wont talk to you and you are going to ignore ther DCA then they wont get this money and you have done all you need to do legally to settle the matter so their loss (if they ever had a argument in the first place)

blacklist the DCA phone and email

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Hi Galgalegg and welcome to CAG


I would expect the signed agreement to apply rather than what was discussed unless you have a recording of the discussion.


However the reality is that Harlands/CRS tend NOT to enforce their agreements. Also, the requirement for 3 month's notice for a 3 month agreement sounds unreasonable


Make sure Harlands/CRS have your current address so you always know what they're up to. Send them this by typed letter.


Ignore their demands that you pay or contact them.



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Thanks !:-)

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