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    • I emailed the Information Comissioner's Office for clarification. I explained the above and asked them if the DPA applies to firms.   To my surprise,  they phoned me today. Lloyd bank's policy of refusing to release information about corporate (ie business accounts) is incorrect. The fellow at the ICO told me I am legally entitled to ask my own bank to insist that Lloyds provide them with the info that I want. I cannot remember the name of the protocol but when i phoned my bank and explained that I had spoken to the ICO, my bank's operative spoke to a superior and confirmed that they would now start the ball rolling.dd 
    • I can instruct my dog to sit if it does is another matter.   it this octo themselves or another co ..who?   does it mention the pre action protocol and contain a reply pack? if not safe to ignore    dx  
    • Thanks DX.  I've ploughed through the pages and dug out what I feel are the relevant ones. Obviously, some of these are duplicates of what I've put up before.  Anyway, I would be hugely grateful if someone can look over and advise. Reading though other posts and on other cases that I've had help with from here, I don't think they have much of a case - given the weakness of much of their "evidence" - but obviously I would be grateful for some expert advice from the helpful souls on here.    Thank you.    B   Witness Oct19_redacted.pdf
    • You came here for advice, soem advice has been given adn you question the validity and source of that advice. We are all lay peopele, ie not giving professional advice but it is based on experience of the world and in some cases working in the field that advice is given on. Now you dont have to take our advice, we wont get the huff if you prefer to look elsewhere or do something else. when I asked what you think they would do with your NI number it is to prod you to think for yourself and question why they would ask for this when there is nothing legal they can do with the information so wouild you be wnating to give it to them knowing that they would want it to break the law if they processed it. Now you can take that up with the company at the top but TBH unless you want to spend money on a lawyer they will not answer the question or fob you off with some ridiculous answer anyway.   so for the moment read a lot about  RLP and similar situations to yours ans make particular note of what happened to the peopel in the end. You will find no threads theat ended by saying " thanks to you I gor sued by RLP and owe them a fortune". It isnt going to happen and the reasons why are explained in many threads. They rely on your feeling of guilt to get anywhere
    • you need to respond to their letter saying that you belive that you ahve been paid correctly ( or underpaid if you are due a small amount of accrued holiday pay etc) and demand that they show a full account of what you received, when and why and how they arrived at this figure. You then reconcile that with your P45 and use the figures to bat off any furhter demands if they still akke one. Come back if they dotn drop the matter and give us the full breakdown on hours worked, hourly rate, gross pay, tax paid  etc
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Hello all, 

I have seen other threads on this but they are dated a while back and wanted some advice. 


I signed up for a 3 month gym membership with ROKO in September, I was sold this by a member of the team as I was moving to London in December and so didn't need anything long term. I paid the 3 months and then when I was charged for a fourth month rang and asked them why and they said I needed to give a 3 month cancellation period and thus would have had to have cancelled the day I joined in order to have had a 3 month membership. This was NOT explained to me or else of course I would have done it. I ended the direct debit with my bank and thought nothing of it (I never had a copy of the contract to take home)


I since moved so the first contact I had with anyone regarding this matter was CRS debt collection who had sent a number of texts asking to call them which I thought was fraud and then an email stating I owe ROKO £238 of debt. Thats over £100 more than the 3 months worth of membership. 


Having read similar cases I can see that this is part of a ROKO contract, so it will be written on the contract I signed and so legally I am unsure where I stand on this now. Totally unjust for a gym to expect you to pay 3 months worth of gym membership after you no longer need it. Even more annoyed that I didn't hear about any of this until just now when I received my email and so I am assuming there were steps I could have taken before that wouldn't have been so costly had I have received said letters from ROKO.


The gym will now not talk to me directly, so I am wondering what the best course of action is.

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best course of action? Ignore them.


as ab aside if you agreed a 3 moth no strings contract with a member of staff then that is the contract you have and the terms were individually negotiated so they trump the usual contract. i suspect they know this but will use bullying to try and get what they want- money fro nothing.

As they wont talk to you and you are going to ignore ther DCA then they wont get this money and you have done all you need to do legally to settle the matter so their loss (if they ever had a argument in the first place)

blacklist the DCA phone and email

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Hi Galgalegg and welcome to CAG


I would expect the signed agreement to apply rather than what was discussed unless you have a recording of the discussion.


However the reality is that Harlands/CRS tend NOT to enforce their agreements. Also, the requirement for 3 month's notice for a 3 month agreement sounds unreasonable


Make sure Harlands/CRS have your current address so you always know what they're up to. Send them this by typed letter.


Ignore their demands that you pay or contact them.



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