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    • Hello,   First things first, were you given a ‘Notice or Intended Civil Recovery?’
    • hey evryone i am 16 years old and today i was caught by a undercover guy and have seen people recieve letters and letters demanding money from rlp i have been told i will recieve a fine of 300 pound which is ridiculous for a 2.50 powder however i would like to know should i ignore these letters or not im pretty sure my mum will bow down to the pressure of the constant letters however i wont and want to know if these people actually are legit or shuld i ignore
    • Hi, thanks for your replies, I wrote to them & this is the reply:   Thank you for your correspondence received on 16 October 2019, concerning the above Penalty Charge Notice. Contravention I have viewed your mitigation and the evidence of the Civil Enforcement Officer on the day in question. The issue is that you parked without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or voucher. Mitigation Whilst you state that you ‘tried to buy a ticket using my card but both machines would not accept a card payment’, there is also the option to pay by phone using the RingGo app if you do not have any cash with you. A grace period of minutes is given to allow drivers time to purchase a ticket, the Officer on patrol observed your vehicle from 12:52 – 12:57 before correctly issuing a Penalty Charge Notice. Conclusion It remains the responsibility of the driver to ensure that there is a parking session in place before leaving their vehicle parked. With this in mind I have upheld the Penalty Charge Notice and rejected your challenge. I will still accept the discounted amount of £25.00, provided payment is received within 14 days of the date of this letter. Payment can be made by post to the address
    • Hello all, hope you are all. Its been rather quiet on the a western front until today. I've received Directions of Questionnaire form N180 in the post. I've still had no copy of cca or cpa that I requested back on 20th August.    Please can you advise me how to proceed now   Thanks in advance Michelle
    • Hi - Quick update. I've spoken to the Holiday Inn Express and they told me to write to them explaining what happened and they'll get the charge cancelled, even though it's a DR+ letter, they confirmed they will talk to PE. It'll take about 4 weeks to cancel. I've sent that off. Have I done enough (for now)? I won't assume this has worked until I get a formal confirmation back.   The other suggestion you had was to write a short 2-liner to PE to ensure they have my correct address as they have failed to get any correspondence to me to date. Should I still do that in parallel? Belt and braces.   Finally - I'm still sitting on my snot-letter to PE re GDPR request. Again - sit on that still for now? If nothing else it gives them work to do that they can't ignore and proves they have my correct address details (or not)   As you might be able to tell, I'm a fan of several lines of attack, but I'll be guided by experience....   Many thanks Choco 
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Harlands, CRS and now UKSearch Limited

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I joined Trugym in August 2017 on a 12 month contract. In March 2018, I decided to cancel the membership as I was going to move out for university and there were no gyms available around the area I was moving to. The receptionist told me that they had a cancellation request online, so I sent that email. I didn't receive a reply until 2 months later, in which they told me that I was on a 12 month contract and had to complete all payments.


Due to their lack of a response, I cancelled the direct debit a few weeks after I sent in the the cancellation email.


Approximately a month after I sent the cancellation request, I started receiving emails from Harlands regarding the cancelled direct debit and all the fees I now owe the gym. Then in June, the debt was passed on to the CRS, who eventually passed it on to Zinc Group. After reading at least 100 threads on here, I made sure to ignore everything. They stopped emailing for around 6 months.


On 17 April 2019, I received a letter from UKSearch Limited which states that they've been instructed by Harlands to recover the debt. it also says that if I don't respond in 7 days, they will "need to escalate the matter". Sending a letter home is new, they usually send emails. After reading this I decided to see if there were any threads on situations similar to mine, but they're all associated with some sort of water company, so now I'm a bit stressed, and I'm not sure what to do.


Are they also the same company?

Do I continue to ignore them

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Hi Whothat and welcome to CAG


1. Do you still have a copy of the email you sent about cancelling.


2. To whom was it sent.


3. Did it explain about you moving away to Uni.


4. When were you moving away to Uni.


Ignore the letter from Harlands/CRS or anyone else for now. They can do you no harm.



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