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Raffle tickets - intent to create legal relations?

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I won a prize in a Raffle operated by an organisation holding an event at a local venue.

The prizes were displayed on video screens in the venue and on a printed list by the person selling the tickets. 

The prize I won was stated as "4 (four) weekend VIP tickets to Birmingham Pride"


- I did not open the envelope until the following day

- it contained 3 (three) vouchers for weekend "Premium" tickets to Birmingham Pride (Premium being a lower priced ticket than VIP).


A friend who was at the event with me had the phone number of one of the organisers

- there being no other obvious way to contact them

- the person confirmed the prize was stated as 4 tickets,

it was supposed to have been changed to 3,

but that it had not been done.


I considered that this was suspicious,

I can accept it might not have been possible to change the wording on the video screens,

but the person selling the tickets could have clarified this verbally,

and could have altered the "4" on the printed sheet to show "3". 


As "compensation" I was offered free entry to their next event.

That would be £7 per person (if they intended to include anyone else I was attending with) which in no way equates in financial or entertainment value of the Pride event, which has tickets priced £88.00, for two days of live acts including Marc Almond, Faithless and Human League.


I would like to know

if the offer of prizes as originally stated and the exchange of money for entry in the raffle constitutes an intent to create legal relations

- and as such,

that I am entitled to 4 (four) VIP tickets (not Premium) and nothing else other than a cash alternative of equal value to the expected prize.



the vouchers state to send an email to an email address at birminghampride.com

– which I did several weeks ago,

but have not received any response.


I assume even if the Pride organisers fail to respond,

the raffle organiser is still liable.

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Who were the organisers of the raffle? What cause or organisation was the raffle in aid of?

I'm not aware of recent case law but I expect these kinds of questions have come up a lot with the huge increase in online gambling et cetera.

Personally I have always thought that the notion of "intention to create legal relations" is a fairly dated idea and although I'm sure it does have relevance nowadays, I'm pretty certain that it is a concept which is easy to overcome.

If this raffle was clearly held by some nonprofit organisation for a cause like your local school and it was basically being run by parents and pupils then I think the tenancy would be to say that there might not have been any intention to create legal relations.

If this is an organisation where the people who run it are being paid salaries for running the organisation and also running the raffle – and also if the raffle is not directed simply as a pretty small defined groups such as the parents and children at a school, then my tenancy would be to say that it is a binding contract.

So a couple more answers please

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Thanks BankFodder -


Event and raffle run by volunteers in not-for-profit social group, proceeds of raffle pay for any prizes that were not donated, and fund things like printing entry tickets and flyers to promote future events.



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