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Mobile repair issue...

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I gave my Honor 7x mmobile phone for repair at a local mobile phone shop, because the screen had a few cracks on it. They agreed to replace the screen for a price of £65. When I went to collect the phone, the new screen had a brownish tinge at the top half. This was not there when I had been using the phone. The chap at the shop was not helpful or understanding in any  manner. He said that the supplier provides these screens, and no other phone has had this issue. I asked him to source it from another supplier, and he said it will take many weeks before the screen arrives, and even then he cannot guarantee that the light brown tinting wont be there. I asked him why he had not warned me about this possibility, and he basically said that he cannot guarantee anything. 

I asked him if he would, at the very least, give me a discount, and he said he can price it down to £55.

I had already paid £20 advance for this, by the way.

He finally said "It's a replacement screen made in china, so you have to expect small issues. It wont be perfect like a brand new screen from Honor". 


I have not collected the phone,; told him that I'll be in touch.


I'm actually disgusted that he thinks he can push less than ideal repairs on to people. I'm already thinking OFT, etc. but not sure where to begin with this. I really want to do something to make sure he doesn't do this to other unsuspecting customers.


ANy guidance in this wuld be immensely helpful! Thanks in advance.

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Frankly you're going to be on a hiding to nothing. I know the kinds of shops you are talking about and you properly not going to have a lot of joy unless you decide to bring a legal action – and is it really worth all the hassle?

Anyway, if I were you I'd go and collect the phone that's the first thing. Get it into your possession. At least then you have a usable phone.

After that if you want to bring an action then send them a letter of claim and then at the expiry of day 14, issue the papers. I suppose there's a pretty good chance that you will win – but how you will evaluate your loss, I'm not too sure.

Sorry to be so downbeat about it all. It's not often that I give this level of advice

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3 hours ago, BankFodder said:


No, It isn't worth the hassle.

I'll collect the phone, and pay them the balance of the discounted price he quoted.


So, there is no regulator for such shops run by some lovely people from certain glorious middle eastern countries?


Rather than take them to court, I would spend that money on replacing the screen with the company! 

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Screen from 3rd party - £65

Screen from manufacture (OEM) - £150+


Most high street stores get their parts from China and not from the manufactures as they aren't authorized repair centers, these phone shops that say they have new genuine iPhone screens and batteries are lying, they may have reconditioned screens (Apple LCD and Chinese glass) and re-cycled batteries that they plug into a little gadget to clear its life (charge cycles, capacity etc) to make it appear new.


As you can imagine the Chinese counterparts are not always up to par when compared to an OEM part and it is reflected in the price you pay.


I do repairs for mates and I have had the odd screen turn up with yellow / brown tints to them.

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