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    • Why can't you prove the debts were fraud? You can simply do the by a cca request and an sar.   If the debts that are fraud were wiped does this remove the judgement s?   Dx
    • So what about something along the lines of......   1. Since the last hearing datated xxxxx I have discovered that I have in fact held two agreements with Capital One credit cards in the past.One branded Luma account number xxxxxx which was issued in 2012 and a Capital One credit card account number xxxxxxx which was issued 2015 and is currently being serviced by  Arrow Global.Therefore the disclosed Capital One credit agreement presented in this claim cannot possibly be true or connected to the Luma branded card that this claim relies upon.   Its a risk but if accepted by the Judge then that proves the one being used here cant possibly be valid ?
    • said in their letter - i have only emailed in response to their letters, and, as i said, nothing in the last five years.  Barclays is shown as the owner on the TransUnion credit file, and it doesn't show on Experian/Equifax.  Is it worth contacting barclays - e.g. if the account isn't statute barred, is it likely that this might ramp up collection activity, or do i just sit it out in respect of my credit file?
    • They said? not been talking on the phone have you? dont do that. Writing only they are powerless. who is shown as their client on their letters or the owner on your credit file.   if its still with Barclays...your complaint target is Barclays themselves
    • Dear all,   I have got myself into a total mess with debt and now I can see no way out. I have substantial debts which I’ll summarise below   . Potted history , I had debt that I was servicing including a historical CCJ. The CCJ was paid off in July 2019 and the six years ended in Jan 2020.   Stupidly I consolidated debts around May 2019 into one large loan which left a credit card and store card. The interest was high but I’d planned to take a new loan once my CCJ disappeared.   Against all of this I was in an abusive relationship that I was getting out of. I managed to break up in Sept and things looked good.   Then I noticed some strange activity in post I was receiving etc. Essentially my ex, a NZ citizen had taken out loans and a card in my name.   Long story and stupidity on my part I could not enforce anything as I went to solicitor etc and only option was case through NZ system which would be costly.   I then got another new CCJ by Shoosmiths who my first CCJ was from, it was almost like the waited until first ran out then slapped another. I challenged and lost and the CCJ was enforced.   my salary is good (circa £4000) each month. But I’ve just been in a cycle of decline borrowing more to pay debts and then more etc etc   . I’m now in situation where I’m paying the CCJ and my bank overdraft and my bank credit card. I’ve stopped paying the others as had taken advice and was trying to get an IVA or if that failed bankruptcy.   Whilst doing all the checks and gathering information I’ve found out that an IVA or bankruptcy will be classed as gross misconduct and render me dismissed from my job. I work in the NHS and this is stated in the contract   . I really do not know where to turn to or what to do and can see no way out.   Please, please if anyone has had similar or can give any advice I’d be massively appreciative.   Debts include (amounts are approximate):   Personal loan - £7k Personal loan - £3k credit card - £3.5k credit card - £1.2k credit card - £2k Store Card- £2.3k payday loan - £0.5k Payday loan - £1k CCJ- £13.5k   I even fear now that if my employer finds out I have a CCJ I will get sacked as it states something like “...bankruptcies and any arrangements to pay creditors may result in dismissal.”   
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Cabot bought JD Williams debt without Default

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Ironic that we moan the OC has not defaulted us and yet when the agreement is live we pray the dont :becky:

We could do with some help from you.



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48 minutes ago, Andyorch said:

Ironic that we moan the OC has not defaulted us and yet when the agreement is live we pray the dont :becky:

They should follow procedure like they are always telling us lol.

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