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Neighbour boundary dispute

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Hi All


I need help advice.

I am building double storey extension with planning permission i started over 2 months ago my neighbour has been causing issues over the boundary line although according to land registry plus charted surveyor report i am building away from boundary line leaving enough space fir roof overhang.  Neighbour has allowed access from his land to dig foundations and build up to 1st floor level.  Now he is not allowing access to put scaffolding up which i know he can refuse.  Therefore we have put scafolding up on my side. Which has cost me extra as builder needa extra insurance plus work will take longer etc


However potential issue can be next door garage is touching boundary we left enough space from the ground, as we have started to built up our new built wall is touching the neighbour garage wall from the middle not leaving enough space for roof overhang, we have noticed the garage side wall is bent and leaning towards my side also garage roof is overhanging over boundary wall.


I need advice what i can do as i left enough space from ground level for my roof overhang,but next doors garage side wall is leaning and bent and could possibly be dangerous collapsing etc.


2 months of unnecessary stress.


Thank you 

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Strange that the builders didn't notice the leaning wall from the beginning.

You can report a dangerous structure to the council and they'll send around a building inspector who will condemn the neighbour's garage if it is dangerously leaning and could collapse as you say.

At that point your neighbour will become your worst enemy as not only you are in a dispute over boundaries and making inevitable building noise and dust, but now you're gonna cost him money, a lot of it.

If you're looking for a fight go ahead, you might even win and your neighbour would move, or, you'll be the one forced to move.

So, what would i do?

As you're in the middle of a large and expensive project, you could patch things up by offering to fix the wall.

Of course if it's a matter of demolishing the whole garage, no, but if the wall can be pinned and braced  it would only cost a grand or so.

This is one of the very few times i would lose money unjustly. 

Been there, done it.

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Thank you King12345 for your response much appreciated will contact council do you know which department? 


Neighbour is beyond reasoning he wants the hangover land as his land so his drive becomes bigger.


He saying your problem if my wall is bent you should have built further away from it (which i couldnt my new built would have been smaller etc).


He's threatened brick layer if he builds upper storey wall facing neighbouring house the neighbour will knock it down. Which he cannot as that will be criminal damage.


Is it worth getting a solicitor etc



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What would a solicitor do?

It's a neighbour dispute, he rightly wants you to stay within your boundaries and you want to gain as much space as possible.

I don't remember if it was on this forum, but i remember the story of someone who spent £80k taking their neighbour to cort for a strip of 4 inches which they couldn't use anyway. 

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Fair point king12345 thanks


Thats the issue I'm well within the boundary line he wants the land where I've left for roof overhang.


I was thinking of a solicitor for the threats and harassment asking neighbour to stop his actions etc 


I cannot allow neighbour to be aggressive towards bricklayer etc all legal documents support I'm building correctly and within the boundary limit.





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