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Bullied and harassed by DWP decision maker

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I want to to first start by saying all my previous dealings with DWP and been very satisfactory. This is the first time ok am looking at making a complaint against them so I want to be sure I have cause to.


Will be brief and say when I missed a esa assessment I called DWP to say I was in hospital when I was released I would send in my hospital admittance and discharge letters the following Friday as it was a Mon. I was given 14 days to do but I did it on the Fri. By 2pm the same day I got a call from DWP  at 9am that I missed so text came saying I would be called at 12. I got the call and the lady said why she was calling to ask why To ask why they had not received them. Told her only sent it that day it will take a few days to get There and a few more days to be processed but she said no way it should get there by Mon. If it did not then she would cancel my esa. This had me in a panic so I said I could go into the jobcenter and ask them to upload the evidence so she would have it difinitely on Mon. She spoke to me in a very harsh aggressive tone saying if I sent it why would i want to go upload at jobcenter.? I must be telling fibs she said!! So Mon at 10am I had better answer the phone. I told her Mon, Weds and Fri I have dialysis so could she call at 2pm. She said not 10am MAKE SURE U ANSWER!!


Mon 10am she called and the nurse answered saying I could not come to phone could she call in 2 hrs. She said no 10 Min he better answer!!! It rang I cud not answer, so it rang constantly for a hour. I called DWP at 2pm and asked that she call me I did not know here name. She called at 4pm and shouted asking why I did not answer in 10mins or after that? If I avoid her calls she will stop my claim. She said she waiting till weds and if letter not there she close my claim. Weds 8am I miss her call so she call at 10am and I answer saying I can't talk I'm in dialysis will call her when I'm done. She said no I will talk now and tell her why I missed assessment she don't care where  I am I better tell her and stop wasting her time. Why u whispering she say speak up dont taking her for a fool. I cud not  believe it so I pulled out the tubes and went out to he room leaving trials of blood from The fistula. Only the nurse got me off the phone and back in.


Thurs she called 4 times and I answered when I saw it at 12 and she shouted why don't i answer when u know that her. I said it show private I was asleep from very low bp and aneimia. She said letter not there UI had better go jobcenter and upload it. Ok said  had to walk it would take about 6mins can she call in 20min she said no 10!! I walked about 200m then was out of breath and had to sit as I felt faint then she called. I was struggling to breath but she said stop talking like that put the person in jobcenter on phone. I said I had. To rest there still bout 300m to go. She said walk now I'm staying on the phone so I walked. After 2min she shouted stop wasting my time you said 6 mins it's been 15 stop lying to me. I put my carer on to tell her we almost there I can not walk fast better she calls in 5 Min she said no!! If I'm not there in 2mins it mean I'm lying I'm not even where I said I was she staying on phone. Got to JC after 5 Min and handed phone to reception man who confirmed it was the JC but the person who uploads was at lunch till 2pm and handed me the phone. She said she is staying on the phone until person returned. By now I was bleeding from The fistula in neck and told her I had to go out the JC to bathroom to stop it so I gave letters and phone to my carer. 10 mins I return and he told me she calling in 30min. The. Letters were uploaded but she didn't call. Next day 2pm she called saying  did not send her the correct letters yet They showed I went hospital on 11 Feb and was discharged on 12. I said Madame what else did she want. She shouted don't insult me by saying Madame. I said it not a insult it's respectful. She said call me by my name which ok did not know until she said it. She said I'm to go hospital and get aletter saying I was thete. I'm said ok did not have. £25 to pay. I then said why are you bullying , threatening and harrassing me. From day 1 she has done so and twice she had put my life in danger making me rush up and down. She said I was telling fibs and should stop. If she don't have the letter the next day she closing my claim. That was last Thurs so I assume it's closed.


I'm asking if I can make a complaint to DWP because if she has closed my claim when I sent in all the evidence backed up with letter from doctor, I will not be able to get to dialysis 3 times a week and would have to wait 3-4werks for MR. I'm sure hey can listen to the recording to hear The truth.





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Based on your post, I can see why you want to complain.




You can also contact Citizens Advice as they tend to have very good levels of contact with DWP, so might be able to go straight to a DWP complaints handler.  


When you complain, it always helps to write the complaint as bullet point time ordered list of issues you faced and not large paragraphs. If you have any documents in support, include these as well. 


You should also request mandatory reconsideration of the Decision Makers decision, which will go more into the medical/health issues you face.  You might want to seek help from organisations that help with failed ESA work capability assessments. There are many such organisations, but one that is associated with your particular health condition may be a good option in the first instance.  Your Doctors should also be consulted, as they may be able to provide more information.   Ask ESA for a copy of the Work Capability Assessment report.



We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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I have just received my p45 in mail that esa has been stopped from 12/2/19. The last time I spoke to the lady who said I insulted her by calling Her Madamw she said she received my medical evidence uploaded by jobcenter but she wanted me to go to the hospital and get a copy with the days date and send it to her. Notice of cancellation is dated 2 April 2019 so she did not even wait to receive it. All she did was threaten to close it and harassed me almost daily calling up to 6 times from 9 am demanding to know why I did not answer as if I knew the private calls were from her. I am going to call DWP to make my complaint and ask for a MR. I really hope they will listen to the recording as they may think I'm complaining just to get it back on.


I have a recording of one of our conversations but it only has my side not hers. I don't know if it is legal but it clearly shows that I asked her if she could call me when I could leave the house I was staying at because there is alot of arguing and shouting from the owner of the house and his friends who were all drunk and  violent. You can hear how stressed I was  even begging her to call later. Everytime I tried to ask her a question she would say shes not interested.  She dismissed the letter I had sent DWP saying that I had very low BP and often felt faint as irrelevant. If uploading he recording here is allowed I would do it so maybe some one neutral can tell me if I was rude in anyway even though only I can be heard.


Thank you

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