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Vehicle damaged by contractors a little advise please

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Firstly admin if I've put this in the wrong section I'm sorry please move if possible. 



 So series of events are as follows 


Monday leaflet through the door stateing some construction to be carried out on my street.  


Tues 2pm ish I pop home to grab a bite to eat and find a trench in the road less than 1 metre fom my car . I hit the roof if I'm honest ( I'm a car guy and am very anal about the cars I own ) my car was covered in cement and dust as well as being damaged by debris from the cutting and breaking up of the road .I'm a contractor myself and fully understand how much these machines can cause  damage 


To be fair the site supervisor arrived and admitted it was unacceptable and gave me the contractors managing directors email address . Now he has offered to have my car cleaned "at a reasonable cost " however the cars paint has been damaged and will be a costly repair 




So I'm looking for advise on the best way to proceed with this as I'd like to have input into any repairs etc 


Obviously I took photos and have CCTV footage of them pulling debris etc from my vehicle 


Thanks in advance  Craig 


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Start off by getting to independent quotations for the repairs. Make sure they are both from reasonable quality repairers. You don't need to be cheapskate.

Secondly, write out a full statement as to what happened including lots of he said she said. This will come in useful at some point. Do it as quickly as possible and make sure that you time and date when the statement is made.

It is important here that you don't get drawn into any protracted negotiations. You may find that they all appear to be willing at the beginning but when you start producing the bills et cetera you will find that they tried to drag it out and that becomes tiring and it whittles down one's resolve.

One of the things that will drag it out will be that they will want to put it through their insurer. Your culture will probably be to start corresponding with their insurer. That will simply result in unnecessary delays.

All of your dealings should be directly with the contractor which damaged the car. If they want to bring their insurer into it then that is between them and their insurer. Do not allow the intervention or the involvement of an insurer to sidetrack you or to cause any delay.

It is highly likely that they will tell you to correspond with their insurer. You do not need to do this and unless you want it to go on longer than needs to you should refuse.

Write to the contractor immediately and explain to them what has happened and tell them that you are in the middle of obtaining quotes for the work and that once you have obtained the quotes that you will expect them within seven days to undertake to pay your bill once you put the work in hand. It is unlikely that they will want to accept this timescale. It is far too quick for them – but you may as well take control and lay down your deadlines.

If you want us to take a long time then you can probably manage it eventually without any litigation but be prepared for the hassle of the negotiation of the insurance company which will want to reduce the amount of money needed to repair the damage. They will argue the toss with you about the value of the damage even if it only saves a couple of hundred quid. For them it is a matter of principle.

You need to stick by your guns. Write to them, set out your timescale. If they don't meet your first deadline for agreeing to pay the money then send them a letter before action giving them 14 days we will soon. Only do this if you prepared to bring the legal action. Don't bluff. However, if you're not prepared to threaten and then bring a legal action then you may as well sit in for the long haul. You say that you are pretty anal about your vehicles and I take from this that you prepared to assert yourself robustly. That's what it will take.

Come back here when you have your quotes

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