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    • Ok, I will get on to that and send her another letter to this effect. She may not respond, but we will have to cross that bridge when it comes to it
    • Sorry for the late reply.    if you have done your SAR and the complaint has been logged, you may have some success yet.   i has a car about the same time, was also missold. Even though I had a payout due to redundancy.   wrote directly to DAF, address can be found on here. With details of claim, interest calculations and payout deducted, which they turned down. In my case it was clear a different hand had completed the paperwork.    Complaint ultimately rejected.   entered a county court claim, no defence from DAF / Provident. Asked for a CCJ which also not defended. Court upheld and got cheque in the post a few months later.    they could have settled for less, avoided court fees and put a gagging order on me. But hey ho!   keep at it!
    • Warning Describes modern day bubonic plague outbreaks - describes current 'real world' examples of the mechanism of transfer to humans in our current world.   https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/10/14/black-death-rages-madagascar-11961       Also (NOTE eradication term used) : "Since the eradication of smallpox, there have been increases in poxvirus infections and the emergence of several novel poxviruses that can infect humans and domestic animals."   "Recently, several novel poxviruses have been discovered after infecting humans and/or domestic animals [22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31], including three newly proposed OPXV species: two isolated in Europe and one isolated in North America. Orthopoxvirus Abatino (OPVA) was isolated in Italy during an outbreak in captive macaques in 2015 and from a fatal infection in a cat in 2017 [28,29,31]. Another novel proposed OPXV, Ahkmeta virus (AKMV), was identified in three humans in the country of Georgia in 2010 and 2013 [22,27]. "   "In 2015, a novel poxvirus was isolated from a resident of Alaska [30]. Phylogenetic analysis of several highly conserved genes suggested that the Alaska isolate was a member of the OPXV genus but was highly diverged from known OPXV species [30]. "   https://www.mdpi.com/1999-4915/11/8/708/htm  
    • Thank you Bazza. My only point with the NHS link was about hand washing and how quite a few of us may not be doing it as effectively as we might.   HB
    • HB, the advice for people in their homes and for healthcare workers will be quite different.   Homes: handwashing, “cough Hygiene” (and “sneeze hygiene”), and limit contacts with the unwell. Likely people will want to use masks, but ordinary surgical masks won’t do much against small droplets, only larger droplets / secretions. FFP3 masks offer protection but are more appropriate to the healthcare setting (See below for why)   healthcare : expect use of PPE. Faceshields or goggles, to prevent secretion splashed to the eyes. Water impervious aprons to protect clothing (to avoid later transfer from clothes to self) FFP3 masks (the difference being that in the healthcare setting FFP3 users should be ‘fit tested’ so know how to get the mask fitted to them as an individual, and know how to get the mask on and off without contaminating their hands). Gloves will feature, not instead of hand washing, but for getting the FFP3 masks on and off safely, prior to hand washing on mask removal. (During the SARS episode in Toronto there was a shortage of FFP3 masks. People would re-use masks as there weren’t enough for a fresh one every time. Hence the need to protect oneself on putting on the mask, too. if there is a similar outbreak of 2019-nCoV, the same limited supplies can be expected.)   Hope this helps. I’m not going to get into protracted argument or discussion here, take this info if you wish, don’t if you don’t want to.
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Medical Alert Wallet Card Foldable **New**

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Medical Alert Wallet Card Foldable.pdf


How to Correctly Save the PDF otherwise you will lose all your hard work:



How to use the Photo Area

In the area to add a Photo if you Click on it (and it does not open your destop area for you to select image to add). The work around is with the PDF open is to go to your PDF Software area and select 'Add Image' (you may have to resize for the Photo area)

(remember the the above on saving)


How to fill in the 'Notifiy in Emergency area as it is upside down'

In the open PDF you need to select 'Rotate' in your PDF software to level it so you can fill in the areas easily. (Remember to 'Rotate' back and then the above on saving)




Before Printing the PDF ensure you have the following settings


You must ensure to set your printer to 'Double Sided Printing' before printing


If you DO NOT wish to print Page 1 (Cover Page) of the PDF, please ensure to do the following:


Ensure you go to your Printer Settings and set it to 'Print from Page 2' (this way Page 1 (Cover Page) should not print out).


Note: This will save you Ink & Paper

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