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- had an offer on one IRL claim - any advice on 14 other loans they want info upon?

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Just quick one guys and thanks for any advice, in advance, for a first time poster. 


I had a financially stupid yet vulnerable situation back in 2013+ and so used various Payday companies to help me out. It was a spiral which I have eventually dug myself out of and I am now a homeowner who is almost debt free 🤗 


Late last year I applied to "Fast Track Reclaim" who could (by their advertisement) chase up any mis-sold payday loans and if successful win some money back.


It seems to have marginally paid off as they have offered me £219 return minus £77 fees - this is from 4 specific loans added up from 2013 - 2014. (Not bad from expecting nothing)


However, they go on to say they have another 14 loans they couldn't determine due to not enough information.


Now my query is this:

In the reporting letter from "themoneyshop.co.uk" (addressed to FastTrackReclaim and delivered to me along with offer) they say that if they are provided with my bank statements from May, August & November 2013 - they would continue to review the 14 previously addressed loans and they then leave an email address and they're offer of £219 for the 4. I can provide bank statements riddled with wongas/payday express.gambling from the requested months)


Where do I stand with this?

Can I take things into my own hands?


I haven't accepted any offer, have only read they're latest letter.

I am not out to take money away from FastTrackReclaim as they have clearly been successful in winning me back something at least but can i continue in pursuing mis-sold payday loans with this company myself regarding the 14 other loans?


If I haven't made sense here it's because I'm typing really fast and quietly because 3 little ones in bed!


I can provide pics of letters etc if it will help.


They want acceptance of offer back within 7 days!


Thanks for any advice - i will get back to you!



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dump them on all the other loans

write a letter cancelling any further action upon your behalf on any further loans



there is a free irresponsible lending guide in the home page of this very forum where you started the topic

sadly you'll have to agree to their fees for this one IRL claim they did for you.




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Thank you for responding.


So email FastTrackReclaim and end relationship with them?

Then email TheMoneyShop directly and provide details to them?


I'm going to familiarize myself with the lending guide youve highlighted right now  - thanks.

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you never ever use EMAIL


start an irl claim with every pdl lender


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