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Johnny B8

Mileage discrepancy - RAC vehicle history check

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Hi guys,


In 2018, I bought an used Renault Scenic I saw advertised in a Facebook group. I was impressed because it had very low mileage.


To be safe, I purchased a RAC Passport (https://vehicle-history-check.rac.co.uk/) to be on the safe side. It happened very quickly as I purchase the car on the same day I saw it advertised.


However, now that I was going to sell the car, I was warned that the car dashboard had been replaced (a common issue to this model apparently) and the mileage had been reset.


I have contacted RAC to claim my money back, as it didn't show anything on the report but now they want a hell lot of information, like copies of my driving license, the address and phone number of the person I purchased the car from. 


All I want is the compensation and not much hassle. 


Has anyone experienced it before? What if I don't provide the information they want? I don't even remember the person's name or phone number. I roughly know were he was staying, but he was moving back to his home country.


What is RAC responsibility on this? Can I refuse to give the previous owner information?



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well, they are asking questions because they need to ascertain  information from several sources rather than just taking your word for things. You might not be who you say you are.

You can refuse to give whatever information you dont feel like giving but you wont gte any compensation or even help from the RAC then.

Your choice. If you were to take the matter to court what do you think you would have to provide to get anywhere and court isnt hassle free either. be realistic.

the address of the seller will be on the v5

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