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    • Suspect that the claim may need to be heard in HK instead of the UK as you are no longer resident over here.    Let the guys come along and advise.
    • I sent one to Together Money- who are Blemain I believe?  Unless there's another address ? I sent one by post to the address on the Together site...
    • Hi I have received not one but three of the same PAP letters (just different amounts and details) from Moriarty Law, allegedly for three different ADCB credit cards taken out in UAE in 2009 for a total debt they claim is now almost 200,000 pounds across the three accounts.    I think I may have had one credit card from them, but there was nowhere near that amount outstanding, if anything, when I left the UAE for good on September 30, 2010.   There is a difference with my case, however and I need some advice.    I have lived in Hong Kong since 2012 (I am a permanent resident there) and the letters have been sent to my elderly mother's address, which is where my UK bank account is registered, and have been forwarded to me. Though they are dated August 20 and 21 I only received them yesterday.   There are also two follow-up "Final demand before proceedings letter" both dated September 8. In previous years there have only been various DCA letters sent which have all been ignored My queries are this:   1. What would happens if the letters were returned with a note that this person is "no longer lives at this address" - moved abroad”   2. Or should I return the PAP reply form anyway as set out on this forum but with no address on it (it might confuse them with a Hong Kong stamp on the envelope I guess)   3. If I do that, should I send the three forms separately or together?   4. Should I return it saying I have left the country adn not to send any more correspondece to my old address? 5 Or is there any other advice you can give.    I am not sure if I reveal that I am in Hong Kong that could stop UK proceedings, could I have a CCJ in absentia and could it be enforced, or whether could chase me for it in Hong Kong which has a similar statue of limitation law to UK?   Thanks for any speedy advice. Time is short because it takes four or five days for post to get between UK and HK.        
    • A step by step guide on how to use the Armed Forces Pension Calculator     READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-step-by-step-guide-on-how-to-use-the-armed-forces-pension-calculator
    • Hi   Repair and Support Plan states: If your product goes wrong after the 3rd Repair, you can request a replacement.(The faults must be mechanical they say e.g Hard Drive as opposed to physical/accidental to qualify for replacement/vouchers).   My Laptop has had 4 Hard Drive replacements. They are attempting to claim that a corner being missing when the laptop went in for repair over rides Hard Drive Failure and are therefore claiming my laptop has had only 3 repairs.   Also Well fix in 7 days or replacement-1 of the repairs took almost a month. Ive refused delivery of my `fixed` laptop now for 3 months while arguing to and fro with them that they have breached the support plan and I want replacement vouchers.They are now charging me £50 to store my laptop and are going to dispose of it in 6 days if I dont contact them. Been through usual channels..Consumer advice... just found out they wont participate in ADR. I loathe this company they are a disgrace. Ive paid A support Plan £11 per month for over 8 years. Im aware how bad they are and how many people they have shafted. Anyone any idea where I stand ..what I do?I dont want them to get away with broaching the policy as well as binning my laptop.Im left with nothing.    
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in between care homes - council tax

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my dad was in a residential care home but became ill, he went into hospital on 7th feb [2019] and while he was there he has become too ill for his current care home to look after him when he is ready to come out of hospital


his care home ended his contract on 2nd march


he is still in hospital


somebody from social services and ageuk is helping me find a place at a nursing home, he is ready to go there but places arent readily available


so in the meantime, what does he need to do regarding his council tax? I assume his last care home dealt with that? perhaps he had a benefit for it, certainly nothing goes out from his bank to them


anyway, if anyone knows what I need to arrange, please let me know



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Posted (edited)

home My mother went through a similar experience: moving out of her own home into a care home, then her health worsened and she went to hospital. The care could no longer meet her needs so we had to find her a nursing home before she could be discharged from hospital. Neither the care home nor the nursing home charged her council tax. AFAIK residents of care and nursing homes are not personally liable for council tax so there is nothing you need to do.


Residential care/nursing homes are one of the special cases where the owner not the resident is responsible for paying the council tax. The owner of a care/nursing home pays the council tax but that will be part of the overhead expanse of running the home. Residents don't pay it directly so you don't need to contact the council.


I assume that is the situation your dad is in? If he also owns his own home then that's a different matter.

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As Ethel said, we need some more information. But my mother went into a nursing home and the council didn't expect her to pay council tax on the house she owned.


Which council are you talking about please?



Illegitimi non carborundum




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hello and thanks for the replies


I eventually got through to the council [stockport] and they have confirmed that he isnt eligible to pay council tax because...


A. he has not got a property, nor does he rent one

B. he is in the care system


so that will do me, I just didnt want him racking up a big bill while he was in hospital

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