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Lowell incorrect Default - orange account

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Hi Guys 

lowell have placed a default on my credit file for a mobile phone/iPad 30 day contract


they claim it to be a mobile contact but then next letter it’s a iPad 30day account


in the next letter there are two contracts the sort code matches mine but bank account doesn’t match (I’ve found out the account is for a dissolved business)


the agent advised you that this would be actioned as requested taking into account 30days cancellation notice


they have stated in letter that  line was disconnected as requested 


orange have advised Lowell payments made a month after cancelation


lowell have also closed the account as a good will gesture but won’t remove default and aren't chasing it but it’s not marked as closed on credit files

the sum claimed I owe and the default sum is different


no default received

default placed in 2017


for jan 2016 on my credit file showing a default had been place 8monthes after payment(out side guide line).




I have a letter from 2016 saying Accout was cancelled early April 2015 and a payment taken early may 2015

(I don’t have bank statement as it not my bank account the payments where made from and I’ve never been with orange  


in jan 2017 they register a default for jan 2016

I’ve written to them many times since 2016 when I received a letter

and sent the prove it letter

they send a unreadable contract


I had a letter saying it’s for the iPad 30day account but (if it’s a 30day account and you don’t make payment wouldn’t this terminate the contract? Or would arrears build up for a few month then default and they and a early termination fee?)


I’ve today had a letter stating it’s for the mobile telephone which they claim had been cancelled by giving orange the required 30days notice which I have I gotta writing from them???


as this has prevented me getting fair finance deals on both my car and van

can I sue them for the extra it’s cost me?


my limited company has also just looked to trade the pickup in with same finance company

all payments are up to date intact we have made over payments

they checked my credit file and rejected the application 


this default is the only negative on my file

all payment up to date and on time and most paid off early


since this has been on file our equipment lease with our other company will end up costing thousands more.


Would take it if I had had accounts with orange

but orange doesn’t even work in my house

I’ve always be with o2, Tesco’s and now sky all on o2 platform.


its probable cost me over £20k so far

but our new business will need to borrow heavily over the next ten years

I’m frightened we may get refused because of this

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Is there any thing I can do with this?

as I need a new van for my trade even tho I’ve over paid and never missed a payment

current finance company won’t accept me for finance on new van with me trading in my old van and clearing outstanding and putting down more than is required for deposit.  


The on contract I’m on has a age limit on vans

mine is now over that age and they have informed me I have 21 days to change it or they will no longer supply me with work.


so I need to sue Lowell to get this sorted or is there a easy solution?

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sorry you've been missed for more than a month

not sure how that happened.


Lowell didn't and cant file a default 

only the original 'creditor' can.


you need to SAR orange and get all the details

then workout your next move



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Orange wasn’t on my credit file ever had an account with them  then in March 2017 Lowell appears on my credit file with a default for jan/2016 I’ve written to Lowell and orange both refuse to supply contract it’s not in the SAR requests of both companies.

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I’ve found a basic bank account opened in my name that I haven’t opened?


Lowell is my main worry

I want to prepare the ground and am I’m to sue for extra costs I’ve incurred and one of my business has incurred a higher interest rate on the equipment lease because or me acting as guarantor.


So thinking sort personal clam first then get my company to sue as well.

But don’t know how to approach it first as no info around about the rules they are using with regard to mobile phone defaults?


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I very much doubt Lowell are your target if you have a target at all for court.

orange would have defaulted you and created the account

Lowell just inherited everything in good faith,


so how did someone sign up as you...

probably went into an orange shop and used your name and a letter from your bin not shredded.


whos dissolved business was the DD pointing at.



sorry but im having a wee bit of trouble understanding the full story

I will gather than English is probably not your native language?


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Dx100uk. I have dyslexia and some other issues so sorry if my English isn’t to your approval


lowell stat they purchased the account from orange before the default was placed on the account so that is why I want to sue them.


Your attitude isn’t very pleasant towards people and not very helpful

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you haven't got to be approved or seek approval from anyone on CAG to post here

my enquiry was not put in any unpleasant manner, simply to understand the reason behind why I was having difficulty understanding the whole story.


with regard to p'haps appearing unhelpful...you have to realise we get 1000's of complaints about default issues, most new users don't understand how accounts/credit files and all the various processes work that results in a default on your file and how to possibly get rid of and who your target might be.

some people have some really wild ideas.


CAG getting to the bottom of a story and clarifying a few things, when p'haps, as you have, you've jumped through all those hoops already, might seem we have an attitude and are being unhelpful, or dont believe you...but we don't/didn't know what you had done to date, and as said, trying to understand your posts was a wee bit of an issue,


ok less of that dx...……..


if you have it in writing from lowells that they placed the default on the account.

and that account had to whatever date never appeared on your credit file till lowells made that happen with the default.

it APPEARS to me you have a very good case to issue a court claim for losses via a letter before action.



have you to date not taken all of this to the FOS and or the ICO?

they are both regulators in their own right and could resolve this 

now, you wont get the kind of  compensation you ar after through them , but if lets say the FOS agree its all wrong , then that give you the firm evidence too take it to court.




I still don't quite full understand who took this account out and if it has anything to do with your business [es] or whatever as you mention a dissolved business bank account to do with 'whatever' with orange and you..., but if you are 1000% sure its nothing at all to do with you, then p'haps the FOS might be your next move?





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Lowell have said I can’t take it to FOS a it’s a communications debt and FOS have no authority over Lowell on this matter?


had a full and final response from EE(orange) but I’m even more confused as they now claim both are iPad data accounts.

they also claim the one account was cancelled March 2015 but Lowell claim one was cancelled may 2015.

Also both Lowell and EE(orange) neither have provided a copy of any contract of any sort or invoices/bills. Lowell have said they don’t have to supply the contract?

so now I’m stumped can I go to FOS?


what do I do now?

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stop talking to stupid know nothings..

its a credit file issue and poss ID fraud?

yes you can.





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I’ve found 8 different issues between Lowell in two letters and these are different to the letter that I received for EE(orange) this morning.

action plan


letter to  ICO, ofcom ombudsman and am I right in thinking the FSO lowel have put doubt in my mind with this one?

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FSO is an orchestra.!!




copy everything you have

start a complaint with the FOS 

for the simple fact there is an account with a default placed by lowell

[though id like to see PROOF of lowell saying that in writing please 1st scan the letter up to PDF please - read upload]

that is not yours, never has been, and you want it ermoved


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