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dwp unlawful treatment not use medical evidence for pip so no medical

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 i not had two copies of notice , or the words used ( madatory reconsiderson  notice )  dwp took 3 mths to repsond to my right to a new review to get comfrim, what of my medical  evidence have been used to still say i failed to atend pip medical , which,on 25.10.2018 i was  un aware anyone was to come , as soon i had again offer not in line with disablitbity reasonable adjuestments. in line equality act 2010.


as i did sent request for to be still offer afternoon vist to my home, when im cared for and tranfer into my wheelchair and my soical worker be present to help me, as no family no ferinds to help,

my letter was recored post. delived in time before the 25.10.2010. yet  cold call at 9.15 am.. still happen, by woke up my work men outside my bed room window, then a call by soical worker 1015 am, shock , effects exterm ditress, as unalbe to call my self no carer jet my home to help me,

this, make me worse mental health too, i cant cope alone let alone go out alone, on top all my care i need help with,, 7 days a week 3 time a day 4 to 5 hours a day, un paid for carers as im trying to get care by care act still delays cuts in local council. 


i never failed to adend medical, yet the capata female i found later she , put on her system to dwp less 10 mins i fta, pip medical... my soical worker had explain  i bed bound cant walk self care alone and said i was to be offer aternoon pip medical,, 


capatia  female claim to put on my claim record this infro. i be sent another offer , for afternoon time,... this never happned in stread had letter dated 5.11.2018 to say i refused pip, as i failed to atend medical,,, yet i did not,

so i had resent more medical evidence 30 page mental health report and other facts that my soical worker left her job, and i still waiting for re new one, i provided contact details again of whom what council department, soical health care details and my email and mobile and my gp again details . i found i meet ground too for pip papaer base medical. as im victim of crime still life long ,, so any face to face medical  , 


yet this was not scaned into capait It system.


i feel again victim,,unfair pratices by, dwp dm, man or woman, were i tried to also complaint to  captia by email ,i never got reply, i compliant to dwp head office and pip department also dwp. never had  repsonse , only one letter 

with out full reason or dates if my two lot medical evidance sent to review descion , to reject my pip , 

i no funds to print out paperwork or cost for ink, i am one handed even local cab refused to help offer home vist of female to assit me this, im bed bound 5 days out of 7,,i my gp medical evdiance was sent 4.8.2018 it claim as when before another call socail worker called capaita call pip, yet not scan yet,

yet emails since 25.10.2018 by soical worker, claim this,


3 calls before 31.10.2018 wed , to captia pip department , thier cumputers were down,,, and unable to acess my pip claim record to check i to be offered pip medical pm offer, by wed 31,10,2018 her email me day she left her job, then. i left no soical worker support, on waiing list for new one, the letter by dwp resent sent , even got wong dated on claim dated dla stop, say 27.11 2018, yet no correct , date letter was 5.11.2018 , i had nothing but complete unlawful breach of dwp policy on extra help for disbaled poeple , i i did have this detail how, via captia never offerd serivces 


i at lost what on earth to do,, delays in complte offer care needs offer, this loss my dla so cant pay extra cost my health care disbailitys needs,

i infromed my gp, yet i no support thier,, i not good in spelling.

my home lot medical OT equaitment , what more can i do, as i cant cope with apeal or fase anyone , my medical record has clear facts why, 

i have esa support group rate at present, i had to put of operation dental op in hosptail as i no help care plan yet,,, im very concerned ,, i unbale to explain about my inless how daily life effects me, ie for points i had one off held two lots for froms my carer, yet no longer can help me, in paper work or calls ,

if anyone could try under stand what i trying to seek help on ,, here, i no funds for a lawyer to help me ..













below found two pip infromation, one easy to ready dwp one, yet i had no help by them,  next is mental health  clause in were effects  in metal health , in a case just for ex sample ,







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