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Met Police seized rented Private hire Vehicle due to stolen report - can i seek lost income claim?

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Hey Guys,

I need some advice on how to go about this.

I am renting a Vehicle from a company for Private Hire but I'll be calling it "my Vehicle/car" to make it not too confusing.

Last Wednesday my car was impounded by the Police. I was not informed of this and had to contact the car owners to track the car using GPS because when I woke up it was gone from my road. I thought it was stolen.

I use this Vehicle for full time Private Hire, I contacted the rental company (owners) and told em what has happened.

They came to my city the next day to get it sorted.

They were told that the Officer who was assigned to the case is now on 4 days leave.

I was driving the vehicle for around 2 weeks and now i cannot work until i have my vehicle back. Police told the owners that the car was related to criminal activity.

I asked the police on whats going and I was told as Ii do not own the Car they cannot provide me any information. I asked the owners they said "it seems really weird and they've not given is any info"

I had to wait 4 days for an update.

The vehicle was finally released Yesterday to the owners and I was able to speak with the officer assigned to the case. She said if the owners are happy to let you drive then am fine with it but I need to Interview you. Which i said fine and I can come tomorrow to the Police station. She said shes busy and then on 4 days leave.

The rental company confirmed with the officer and gave me the vehicle back today. owners told me that the reasoning was 'investigating suspicious activity surrounding stolen vehicles in the area'

I still have no idea whats going on.

I was unable to work for around 7 days loosing over £700 earnings.

Is there anything I can do about this? Can I go to Small Claims Count against Met-Police?

sorry if the situation above is confusing and I'll answer any question i can.

thank you

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I've updated your title for clarity of your issue and moved you to the motoring forum

sorry to ask, but have you always been and are up to date with the rental agreement?

it could be due to its previous history...how long have you rented it?

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rental agreement is all up to date. payment is made a week in advanced.

I started renting the vehicle on 12th Feb 2019.

Even the rental company is confused to why this has happened. 

When I got the vehicle back today, its missing my phone holder, USB Type C cable and Car charger.

Rental company said it wasn't there when they picked the vehicle up from the police, maybe they took it for finger prints but not sure why they need the USB cable and the charger.


its all really weird but in the end I'm the one who's lost my weekly earnings and just to be clear, i don't do or deal drugs. (owner asked me when i called em to inform of impounding) :classic_smile:

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actions of the previous owner/renter I suspect through the same rental company

of which you are not entitled to that data/history via the renter as its 3rd party information under GDPR.

IMHO your claim would be against the renting company as they rented you a 'tagged' vehicle on the met intelligence database

ok they might not have know so, but my previous knowledge upon how these rental taxis work...they knew and should not have exposed you to the risk. 

how you prove this is an entirely different matter.

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maybe once I do that interview and get some more information. I would do it as soon as possible but I have no heard anything back from the officer still. 

if i know the date of their investigation it would help me to know who to blame.

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your contract is with the company that hired you the car so that is who you ask for compemsation. They should have supplied you with another vehicle . If you had done this on day 1 you wold be able to claim lost earnings from them if they couldnt supply another car. As it stands the position is less clear.

How much a week do you pay? That may be the limi of their liability if your hire agreement says so

Report the theft of the cable and rest to the same station that the officer works from, if they have removed it for forensic reasons they should be able to tell you, otherwise the company that held the vehicle on their behalf will have to explain things.

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Thanks @ericsbrother


just a quick update, i received an email from the Officer and in the title it said "Voluntary Interview", i wasn't told this before.

anyway I replied back asking I would be willing to come in if it helps me recover my earnings otherwise i would like to decline.


I haven't heard anything back since then, that was 8 days ago.


regarding the rental update

The company said they would give me a week free from rental. they actually gave me two weeks in total, i wasnt informed of this but i just received invoice for the following week which means i got two weeks.


I still have no idea where my charging cable and other accessories are.


was thinking of emailing the same officer today to find out if they took em.

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With a voluntary interview, ALWAYS decline it, unless you have legal counsel present.   The whole thing about a voluntary interview is so you do the work for them.  With some forces,  if they get stuck on a case, theyll try and twist what you are saying.

Thats why you should NEVER speak to the police about a crime or similar unless you have legal counsel present to represent you.

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Please fill in your quit date here

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