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    • They have sent all the paperwork ie ntk up to lbc with an incorrect spelling of my name. Looks like the person I bought the car off spelled incorrectly hence dvla have an incorrect spelling but I never clicked on beforehand. Firstly I will need to find the log book and contact dvla of the correct spelling. What does this mean for me as far as VCS are concerned? 
    • I would certainly not advise you to use the vehicle on a day-to-day basis. The situation would become extremely complicated in the event of an accident or a vehicle theft or something. These risks are even present if you are merely using the vehicle to take to a repairer and so it would not be advisable there either. In the circumstances it might be better to rely simply on the findings that have been made so far by garages and to leave it there. That seems to me to be a reasonable approach. You could invite elite to inspect the vehicle and in fact you should make that very clear in your letter so that you can demonstrate that you have attempted to be open and cooperative in any way. I think it would be helpful if you posted a bullet point chronology of the defects which have now been identified. By the way, is now scheduled to be posted within the next two or three hours and it will include the tweet handle of Elite so that they will now see that this is being discussed on an open forum.
    • Hello BankFodder. Firstly thanks for your help with this. I do appreciate your candid response. Sorry my post was so long-winded. I am working on a 1050 character precis for the claim form! I only uploaded 2 pdfs in the end. One being the email of rejection. I will use this to send a letter and include 'after which I will sue without further notice' text.   Can I keep using the vehicle after issuing the rejection? I don't want drive it to but would need to limp it to a garage to get assessments and quotes. I would have to borrow the money to get it trailered.   I am 100% seeing this through. I cannot lose this much money. I want to get all the paperwork ready immediately so it can be issued on day 15. I will post the particulars of claim here for checking. Thanks again.
    • I've just seen your new post. A letter before action is the same as a letter of claim. You don't need a template. You simply need to inform the garage that the vehicle you bought has developed X defect, Y defect, Z defect. He has already been informed of them and given an opportunity to repair and he has either refused the chance to repair or else he has attempted the repair and it has failed – whichever is the case and so under the consumer rights act you are asserting your right to reject the vehicle and you want him to make the appropriate arrangements to collect the vehicle and to refund you the purchase price – plus any associated losses – and if he does not do so within 14 days then you will sue him in the County Court and without any further notice. Don't make this threat if you're not serious about going ahead with it. On day 15 issue the papers. In the intervening 14 days register with money claim and start preparing your particulars of claim. You can post them here if you want us to check them. Whatever you do, on day 15 you send them the good news
    • Well done Shelley. I'll amend your thread title.   HB
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We have been customers for years with this company,& have never had a problem till now.

Our washer/dryer broke on Thursday,tripping our fusebox.

We had a visit from an engineer on Friday,who couldnt repair it on the premises.  He told us we would be phoned later that day to arrange an uplift & replacement machine.

We had to phone them on Saturday.  We were told we would be called within 3 working days.  We have never been phoned by them,& only can speak to them if we call them.

To date we,ve been told we will be contacted within 7 working days,our machine has been removed! (Not true) ,that its not an essential piece of equipment.

All of these statements being made by different advisors .

What a joke.

Meantime,im spending a fortune at launderettes trying to keep up with a family of 4 clothing needs,not to mention towels & bedding.

We,ve been reasonable,saying we dont have to have a combination machine as long as we can do a wash.Ive sent an email to head office,but am not hopeful.


Any advice?

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Welcome to the forum. Please will you read our customer services guide and implement the advice there. This is extremely important when you are dealing with these kind of people.

You'll get some people turning up soon to give you the advice you need – but if you don't mind, please would you not post in solid blocks of text. It's very difficult for people to read and it makes them less enthusiastic about getting involved.

I reformatted your text for you

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Thread moved to the appropriate forum... 

please continue to post here to your thread.




We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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