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Mercedes used car mis sold

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Hi I Â’m new to this Site!

It was highly recommended to me by a good friend who’d benefited from advice on the site.


moving on to my issues with Mercedes Benz!


Purchase date of my used Mercedes end of June 2018.

mileage on date of purchase approx 34000 miles.

sold by authorised Mercedes dealership in Southend-on-Sea advertising full Mercedes Benz service history.

price paid £12895.

No finance.

Paid in full.

Thats the basics regarding the sale.


I test drove the car several days before completing the purchase.

Having previously owned a Mercedes E-Class i was able to compare its drivability to that and all seemed pretty good.

I raised some issues that I wanted addressed before completion of the sale.

Brakes felt a little soft - dealership agreed to rectify.

Minor dents to body work - dealership agreed to remove.

Front passenger side tyre uneven wear and splits in outer wall - dealership agreed to replace.

Aftermarket satnav installtion agreed with dealership as part of sale.


On collection of the vehicle it had been polished and prepared as expected.

I had no reason to doubt the agreed works hadn’t been completed as agreed.

I completed the hand over process.

I was not shown the historical service or MOT’s records at any stage.


The sale representative stated that the vehicle was recently serviced, MOT’d, was originally sold by them and they knew the history of the vehicle.

Id asked a little more when I was advised I would be the 3rd keeper of the vehicle.

He advised me the vehicle had been on PCP finance twice which had been terminated and the vehicle returned to them but was clear if finance.

I had no reason to doubt any of the information presented to me.

The handover was completed and I left in the vehicle.


In summary since taking ownership of the vehicle I have experienced poor level of after care,

I’ve found a variety of issues with the vehicle and despite many emails to the dealership I rarely received an answer back.


One major issue was the gearbox which would judder on deceleration.

The car was 6 years old on collection with approximately 34000 miles.

I had subsequently found out that Mercedes recommend the gear box for this vehicle type should had a transmission fluid change at 5 years or 70,000 miles.

There was nothing in the vehicles history to show this had been done.


It cost me £350 to get this done at Bishops Stortford Mercedes.

Southend Mercedes ignored my emails in relation to this issue and never once responded.

It was only when I took the car in for this fluid change I found out the vehicle had an outstanding recall from 2016.

Mercedes Southend would have known about this because it’s on the vehicles electronic records and they supplied two letters from Mercedes in the paperwork yet they didn’t carry out this remedial works before they supplied it to me.


Following a series of issues with the vehicle I had become very dissatisfied with the Mercedes brand.

Having just bought a Mini for my wife I decided to part exchange my vehicle for a similar vehicle.


I enquired about a couple of vehicles with dealerships across the UK and sent them the details of my vehicle to get a part exchange value.

To my horror I was contacted by both dealers questioning the vehicles MOT history.


I was advised that the mileage between 2015-2016 had gone down and not up.

I was asked if I had supporting service records that would support this was a mistake.


I then discovered looking at the paperwork supplied by Mercedes that the service history was not with Southend Mercedes as they’d indicated it was but a 3rd party garage.

The service history in fact supported the mileage had gone backwards between 2015-2016.


The history is as below


Mot -

2015 - mileage 21293

2016 - mileage 13662

2017 - mileage 31552


mercedes didn’t give me the April 2018 certificate.


service history mileage.


2014 - 16107 Mercedes

2015 - 21293 carried out same date as MOT - 3rd party garage

2016 - 13662 carried out same date as MOT - 3rd party garage

2017 - 31549 carried out same date as MOT - 3rd party garage


to anyone one looking at the history of the vehicle there would be concerns regarding the vehicles history.

Mercedes policy is to visually check the odometer and check the ECU and print out the mileage information prior to resale.

I have ask the dealership to provide this but as yet this has not been supplied.


even if they provide this information it’s my view the vehicle has been mis sold.

The service history was not with Mercedes as I was informed.

I wasn’t given the most recent MOT certificate from 2018 which would list all the previous MOT mileage data.

If presented to me at the time it would have highlighted the inconsistent mileage.


Ive been informed by two dealerships that they will not buy my vehicle based on the error on the MOT regardless of any data provided by Mercedes.

The mistake recorded on the MOT cannot be changed.

All records are electronic and final.


Southend Mercedes have been dismissive about the issue just stating it’s clearly a mistake.

Mistake or not I now have a vehicle I cannot sell and was mis sold to me by an approved Mercedes dealership.

I have contacted Mercedes head office in Milton Keynes raising to raise a complaint.

Their response is pending.


Am I wrong to expected a full refund?

Am I wrong to expect Mercedes to refund my service, gearbox fluid and replacement tyre costs for a vehicle I wouldn’t have purchased if they’d presented the full history to me?


I believe 110% that Mercedes Southend have breached the contract of sale for this vehicle and failed to adhere to Mercedes own values.

Having read a few things on the net Mercedes could offer me a like for like replacement.

I don’t want any further dealings with this brand.

If they do try to offer me this as a solution can I reject this offer and demand the compensation I want?


In 1998 I owned a used Ford KA which was about 18 months old.

After 6 months ownership I was giving the car a good clean and noticed a parts sticker on the rear axle which was dated about a month before I bought the car.

I was concerned I’d been sold a car by ford that may have received a significant repair.


They were fantastic taking the car back without any hesitation.

They gave me the choice of similar vehicles, higher spec and less mileage!


So far all I’ve had from Mercedes is them trying to squirm out of their responsibilities to rectify this situation.

I’ve been passed to 3 different managers in the two days since I raised the complaint.

No one wants to take positive action to resolve the situation!


Sorry this his was a long post but I’m incensed by Mercedes Southend poor customer care!


Any advice or input on the matter would be appreciated.






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please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Give them pressure and you'll get your money back.

This mileage discrepancy is not best advertisement for mercedes and if found that the car has been clocked it's downright fraudulent.

In any case, they sold you a non resellable car because of the dodgy mileage.

Anyone with a bit of sense would stay well clear from this car, so you are at a substantial loss.

Get down to business, demand a full refund and get the ceo involved.

Threaten them to contact mercedes in Germany, trading standards, consumer direct, the army, the pope and anyone who has ever accessed the internet.

They'll give you the money back.

Much more easily, if you paid by credit card you can do a simple section 75 and get all of your money back, even if only part payment was made by cc

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