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to argue againt the calibration of the radar device is very difficult and they certainly arent going to let you take their camera to bits and start measuring it with an oscilloscope just to prove you were only doing 61 in a 30 rather than the 63 you were clocked at. The paint lines are there to make it easier for joe public to understand and accept the pictures sent but those pictures are only the end product of the overall event.


If it was a hand held device all sorts of things can go wrong but with a fixed camera they arent going to be out by more than 1% in any plane so 3% at most. I have had my only problem with speeding where the camera had the wrong time in the images but ultimately that doesnt change the workings of the radar and so arguing about ther quality fo an unneccessary paint line wont win you any sympathy if you decide to go to court and challenge this.


The other point you make is that you knew about this camera already so cant really say that you were ambushed by it's cunning position. there is one placed at the bottom of the M11 in east londoon that catches hundreds of people a day as the motorway becomes a 50mph dual carriageway. Again the locals know all too well about this and happily warn anyone who is coming to visit so yours is not a unique situation.

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