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    • Many savers are now stuck in an account paying almost nothing and urgently want to transfer. But branches have asked customers not to visit unless it is an emergency. View the full article
    • President Emmanuel Macron wants France to become the top producer of clean vehicles in Europe. View the full article
    • I do indeed! I've had a quick trawl to see if I can find the thread but I can't. I'll keep looking.   The thing that intrigued me most is that the SD process is remarkably simple and there are rarely, if ever, any complications. What Dodgeball (I think that's who it was) seemed unable to grasp was that the court was simply witnessing the declaration being made. It has no powers to enquire into its truthfulness and, provided everything was in order administratively, no powers to refuse to accept it. I know there was a complication about those being heard within 21 days and those heard after that time The court can refuse to hear an SD made after 21 days if they do not accept that  the maker has a reasonable excuse for the delay. But once they've agreed that he has then they must hear it.   I'll keep looking for it as it will cheer me up in these troubled times 🤣🤣
    • Thank you for your reply.   May I just please clarify what the error rate means in this case. 30% not rlight first time doesn't mean that there would be 30% errors within a single document.    It means that 30% of the documents worked wouldn't be spotless. There could be just one instance of straight quotes instead of curly quotes.  Most documents we worked on are quite lengthy.    I've been mostly marked down for very minor errors such as the example I gave.   Not everyone's work is being checkle. Majority of documents that are not checked contain similar errors. In most cases these aren't picked up by fee earners.   People make small mistakes because we are all humans but, more importantly, we are constanty having to deal with unrealistic deadlines.   We have also been losing staff recently. Many have gone to the rival firms.   And you are absolutely right. They aren't the employer for me. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to move on right now though a couple of coleagues have managed to do just that.
    • This reminds me of that other poster* who contributed to that lengthy thread about whether a magistrates court was bound to accept a statutory declaration or not - remember him?  As I recall he was threatening to find time to do something similar - he was going to write the final and definitive article explaining why only he understood the procedures around statutory declarations in motoring offences and why everybody else was wrong...   If I'm accused of being a FMOTL it's probably him!   *Was it dodgeball?
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Requirements for UK trade repositories and reporting counterparties

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In January 2019, we confirmed that we will become the UK regulator of Trade Repositories (TRs) after Brexit. This information is only applicable if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement (a no-deal scenario).




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