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    • Sorry what are ATOS...I'm wondering what benefits I am entitled to due to this situation. Thanks.
    • We have now received the Judgement and sent it to the High court enforcement officers, it looks as though he got a copy of the judgement and sent the letter out above, we have also reported them to their Party for Harassment as they sent someone to our house demanding payment and a letter typed up as above.   We now await the enforcement and we understand they will try and get it set aside, so we do not know how they will manage this as we have waited for the refund since November 2019 and all they have done is threaten more action for their failures, its unbelievable.   All advice appreciated as always
    • Hi @dx100uk   good news and thanks so so so so much for your advice before - I referenced what you said and had this back from the Enforcement Officer:    “I’ve discussed your enquiry with my colleague and we are of the opinion that the actual signage would require advertisement consent (a search of our records shows that no permission has been granted and there are no outstanding applications), however we believe that the camera itself would benefit from permitted development rights.   I hope this information is helpful, and should you require anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.”   frustrating that I didn’t do this before I put in my defence but I’ll include in the WS! 
    • Hi all    need some advice please    a few month ago our fan oven door outside glass broke while no one was home. The cooker was a HUD61PS duel fuel model.  hotpoint agreed to repair free of charge and ended up picking the old cooker up and changing it for what we were told was a ‘like for like’ exchange. I specifically asked if there were any changes to the newer build and was told no just built newer.    on using the cooker we noticed that the fan in the fan oven turns off once the oven reaches temperature. So the fan oven is only a part time fan oven ! Hotpoint tell me this is to make the energy rating better.  Yet food has to be cooked for longer at a higher temperature to ensure it is cooked fully !!!  e.g potato waffles - 12/15 mins usually at 200° this oven they take at least 20 mins at 220° and still usually come out soggy !  a pie only come out half browned - keep in mind it’s meant to be a fan oven !    hotpoint are saying they will send an engineer out to see if it’s operating as intended .... but my argument is. It’s not the same oven we had or want ! We would never buy a fan oven that functioned like this.  Or we can have a full refund for £389 which is curry’s current selling price .....  no chance finding a decent oven for that price.      can we make hotpoint out us back in the position we was in prior e.g. with a cooker with a fan oven that works fully as a fan oven ? 
    • As I have said, we will work out the letter when you have all of the information that we need. By and large it will give them an opportunity to comment on the reports and the quotes that you have obtained. It will invite them to carry out their own inspection. It will invite them to undertake to pay the money which has been quoted for the remedial work and it will tell them that you will be bringing a legal action if this doesn't happen. Will sort out the details. Of course we are heading towards legal action here. It's pretty simple – but you will have to do be prepared to go ahead with your threat. I'm not into this 18 month gameplaying that you seem to be into. Once we make the threat – then we move on it. In other words at some point we give them 14 days notice of legal proceedings and on day 15 you issue the papers. If you are prepared to do this then I'm not sure what we can do
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CCA Enforceability Thread


I'm sure I've seen it stickied somewhere and cant find it for the life of me.

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Exactly what I was looking for


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