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Letter from Arc Europe Ltd re David Llyods contract

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I signed up to David Llyods after speaking to a sales advisor on the phone who told me the contract was 3 months long and after then I could cancel anytime with a 1 months notice. The next day I rushed into the gym for a class I signed up to, signed the contract he prepared for me which was handed to me by the receptionist.


After about 5 months I called to cancel my contract and was told I am in a 12 month contract, I argued this and said I was told on the phone it was 3 months and then I could cancel with 1 months notice at anytime.


Clearly I didn't read the contract they gave me properly as I was in a rush but I was 100% missold on the phone, when I asked for evidence of this they told me they don't record their phone calls.


Now I didn't have enough money to pay for any more months so I emailed them in writing, explained how I was missold and cancelled my direct debit. They replied saying they would compromise because of my situation and let me cancel with 2 months notice. So basically they acknowledged how I was missold but still didn't honour the one months notice that was supposed to be in the contract. I told them by email I can't afford to pay for 2 months which was true so I won't be accepting.


Now they have passed my debt to Arc Europe Ltd who have called me everyday for the last month, multiple times per day on multiple numbers so I am now worried to answer my phone to any unknown numbers. I replied to one of their texts and spoke to their web team and told them my story, how I was missold by David Llyods and that I have already spoke to them and told them why I can't pay. I then told them to stop harrasing me and left the chat.


They have not slowed down their efforts since at all and now I am being sent letters threatening legal action in court.


Could someone please help me get out of this as it has made me furious that they are so dishonest and that a company like David Llyods would use scare tactics and a well known to be aggressive debt collector such as Arc Europe Ltd.

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DCA's are totally powerless

they are not bailiffs.


just ignore them all


no gym has done court in +5yrs and it cant harm your credit file either


I've moved you to the gym forum.


if you type in david Lloyd n our top redtool bar search cag box

or just scroll a few threads in this forum your soon get the idea to ignore totally.


if you wish keep a log of everything and embarrass them on social media sites about the harassment.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Hi RB and welcome to CAG


Just a few observations :-


They said they'd compromise and accept 2 months notice but this doesn't mean they accept you were mis-sold.


ARC Europe will threaten lots but do very little.


If you were mislead in the initial phone call, write to DL's Head Office asking for an audio copy of the call; and ask that they call off ARC for now. This will do :-


Dear sir or madam,


I refer to my membership at [town/city] gym which started on xxdate.


I believe I was mislead about the nature of the membership I was offered. Instead of having I 3 month agreement, I was told it was actually for 12 months.


In the circumstances, please supply me with an audio recording of the initial phone conversation when I agreed to join.


Until this matter is resolved, I require that you tell ARC Europe to stop contacting me at all. They are calling me several times a day from different numbers and this is harassment.


I will not deal with this matter by phone and require your written reply.


Yours faithfully,


Send this to DL's HO and get a free Certificate of Posting at the PO counter.


Keep us posted and keep a log of all contact from ARC from now on.



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