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Can I give praise for a change?

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Just by way of a change on this forum I thought it would be fair to point out when a company gets it right.


Put in a claim for delayed flights at around 11pm six days post journey and by mid afternoon the next day the airline came back saying they had investigated,

the flight was delayed by 3 hours 12 minutes due to operational reasons,

this was within their control and considered non-extraordinary circumstances under EU law and they would be paying £440.26 (£220.13 per person) into the bank account of the details you gave within the next 14 days.


They've also agreed to an extra £6+ for extra expenses because the vouchers they gave out weren't adequate.


This isn't a prestigious airline with expensive ticketing.

It's Easyjet and it was a short hop costing approx £60 per ticket.


I think they deserve a public pat on the back.

Yes, they should all get it right all the time but they don't.


This lot did this time.

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Thank you. I have sent a tweet to Easyjet

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Thank you BankFodder. I'm ridiculously impressed with them. No arguing, no attempt to make it difficult to claim, Just an admission, an apology and the compensation. They did everything right on the night too - handed out vouchers and leaflets outlining rights and how to claim. Can't fault them. Really can't blame them for an airport bar (the only outlet still open) charging £1.50 for a bag of crisps!

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I find that Easyjet are a good airline to fly with - Hear nothing but good things about them from others too...


Ryanair however...


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In my OH's experience, Ryanair are what they are but they're usually punctual.


Easyjet are a much better experience but possibly less punctual. From what I've seen, if there's a problem Easyjet are more helpful.



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We have flown EJ on many occasions to different areas of Europe. As my OH has mobility issues she takes her electric scooter with her and can honestly say she is well looked after by them both in the air & on the ground. Very close behind is Jet2 but the worst has to have been Txxxxx Cxxx.

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