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    • urm the link in my post…..
    • Hi, where do I find the standard sticky please, I’ve looked but I think I am missing it 🙄
    • Hi Rei and thanks for the update.   Your post confirms what we're telling folk all the time - Harlands/CRS, Zinc and their pet "solicitors" continue to make demands but they fail to do anything substantial to back up their threats.   Hence our continuing advice to NOT respond to demands by letter, email or phone, because they'll do nothing that will affect your credit rating, or that will force you to pay.  
    • Hi GHL and welcome to CAG   You now have your own thread to use from here on ( to avoid hijacking someone else's thread where you first posted).   I assume there were 2 separate m/ships and not a joint m/ship, but please confirm.   I hope you've read other threads here which should help you understand how Harlands/CRS operate. They use every opportunity to make far more money from missed payments and penalty fees, than what they make from taking a percentage fee from ongoing monthly gym fees.   Yours was a rolling monthly m/ship so you only needed to give them notice to quit but there was no minimum 12 month term. Hence all you owe them is £19.99 each.   Write a letter to Harlands, each of you :- 1. Offering to pay the £19.99 for the notice period you failed to give 2. Offer valid for 14 days only. 3. Offer withdrawn if they fail to accept, or if they demand any higher amount.   Post a draft of your letter here first so we can check it.    Letter(s) should be sent from the PO and get a free Certificate of Posting from the PO Counter.  
    • King I fully understand the mother was living there on her own and only one named on the tenancy agreement.   As for your comment that after informed of the passing in a few days they pack tenants belongings and store them and change the locks this I completely disagree with.   In my are the different HA (and there are many) in a scenario like this will:   Communicate with the executor/family member once informed of bereavement informing them of any succession rights, property to be handed back ( 28 days on being informed of above) if unable to must notify the HA to ask for an extension.   After the 28 days if no contact the HA will then follow its Abandonment Policy.   If contact made after 28 days and no extension has been granted HA will then go to court to claim property back.   Once this is done and no contact off to court to claim property back only then will the enter the property unless in an emergency or legally required i.e. gas safety inspection even then may need to go to court for that to get access.      
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Can anyone help me with a letter template for a deed of postponement.


At the moment I’m thinking of remortgaging to a better deal.


mortgage advisor advised that I would need to write to the people named on the deeds to see if they would agree to this.


The main problem is that the company 3rd on the list is welcome finance who have sold the debt to a company via a deed of assignment called prime credit who are now 4th on the list.

Any debt owed is made up of penatly charges and part of a long running dispute with both owners.

That resulted in a possession hearing last year which I won.

But the arguement now on this debt is that it should be a lot lower than what they are claiming.


At worse I will have to add this 18k debt into the remortgage.

But ideally would rather only remortgage for 67K not including this debt as it’s set at 0%.


In amongst arguing what is owed

I want to get a letter off to Lloyds first to see if they agree.


Then welcome.

Last on the list will be prime as there’s many unresolved issues with their debt.

Like the actual balance when historical fees and charges are removed the debt will be no where near 18k.


I doubt prime will agree to the deed of postponement.


But i need to start somewhere.

And if the6 do take me back to court I have all my eggs in One basket sort of speak


If anyone can’t point me in the right direction to this type of letter it would be amazing.


thank you

PDF Photos 29-11-2016.pdf

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Will this do the job do you think?



To whom it may concern,


I am writing to you today concerning an equitable charge that yourselves, Lloyds Bank registered against my property on 26/08/2006 at Brighton county court Ranking 3rd on my Land Registry Title Deeds.


As it stands after applying for official copies


• Land Registry have confirmed they don't hold a document copy

• Brighton court have confirmed they don't hold a document copy.

• My local county court have confirmed they don't hold a document copy.


I am in the process of looking to remortgage the property at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I have been advised by my mortgage advisor to seek further information from yourselves as this could cause problems after a mortgage application has been submitted.


Are you able substantiate the the above charge, If not then I request you discharge it forthwith .


In the event you are able to substantiate this charge. Would you consent to a deed of postponement if I was to remortgage the property.


I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you within 14 days.




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sar the Lloyds Gresham house address?





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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Nothing was in the sar from Lloyds.


Link say they purchased it 2016 but nothing has changed re deeds since. Even though they sent this out last May https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?467188-In-middle-of-Ppi-claim-with-Lloyds-and-the-sell-10-year-old-debt-to-asset-link/page5 post 90

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