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Family debt...now court claim received.

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My brother in law asked me to pay back a loan of a few thousand pounds after my wife was killed in an accident .

At the time I was grieving and vunerable and also embarrassed as I didn’t know about it


I started paying him back

to date I have paid over half and have decided to stop paying as I had no idea what it was for and didn’t see the money .


I’m now being threatened with county court

if this happens should I counter claim for the money I’ve paid as there is no proof and I just have no idea what it was for ???:evil:

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Who is threatening you with county court ?


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The brother in law because I stopped pay and told him I had no idea what the debt was and he arranged it and paid to my wife without my knowledge can’t even tell me what it was for

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If he can't/won't show proof of this alleged debt, let him sue you so he will be forced to disclose proof.

As he will have to follow the pre action protocol he will need to produce evidence of this debt.

One problem I see for you is that you have paid him some money, so he could say that you have known about this all along and only now you have decided to stop paying.

I would personally ask for proof and look through wife's accounts to see if there's anything there.

Finding nothing I would let him sue and risk a little further loss as you might find a good judge that throws the case out.

Also he could avoid court as it's a 50/50 and he could also risk a counterclaim from you.

My personal opinion, then you'll have to do what you think best.

Anyhow, ask for proof.

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So sorry to hear about your wife's death. In the awful circumstances of your wife being killed I can see how researching the law on this was not your first priority.


But it might be helpful to note that even if this debt does exist you personally are not legally liable for repaying it and cannot be sued in the county court. Nobody is responsible for or obliged to pay their spouse's debts. (Unless you had formally guaranteed the debt, which is not the case here.)


As for the payments you have already paid, if your b-i-l claimed this showed you accepted liability for the debt you'd have a strong defence. You would say, correctly, that you made the payments in error because you thought you were legally liable, and stopped paying when you discovered that you weren't. And I believe you could then recover payments made in error, but that needs researching a bit more.


The legal liability to repay this (if it is a loan that is legally repayable - that's yet to be established) falls on your late wife's Estate. Did she leave a Will? If so it's the responsibility of the Executors to satisfy themselves that the debt is actually due, and if it is to pay it.

Who are the Executors? That may be you too, but suing you as Executor isn't so straightforward. Is there sufficient money in your late wife's Estate to pay this debt if it is actually repayable?


It's not at all clear that this is a loan that could be recovered in court anyway. The court would have to decide whether it was a loan or a gift between brother and sister. Your b-i-l would have to prove to the court that the alleged loan was made. The court will not automatically accept it exists merely because he says so.

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another point to consider is the terms of the loan. If it is written down then the terms will be clear but if it was somehting vague like "here is some money to tide you over pay it back when you can" then there isnt a start or finish date to the agreement so it cannot be enforced.

You may well have reasonable cause to sue him for the retun of what you have already paid as it was never your debt even if it existed. Some people are so unscrupulous they might just invent a story to get some money. My daughter's ex did that to try and get money from my wife.

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Well Hes done it Ive got a claim on line.

Im going to strongly defend it.


I also have copies of messages from my wife to him discussing the loan.

All very secretive and paid into her account .


I have since sold the house and given her 2 sons aged 21 and 18 her share .

This has all come about as I have met someone.


If I counter claim it will cost me funds I cant really afford .

I just want him to leave me alone.

There is nothing to show that I had any money off him.

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He is stating that I knew about the loan which i didnt until after her death.

He has stated on his claim form that there are witnesses.


The worry I have is that I started paying him 250 per month but stopped when advised i am not liable.

I have bank statements showing the money going into my wifes account and coming out to other accounts but I have no idea where to .

He has also included in his claim £10 from a family meal and a bill for a solicitor.


I have no copy of the bill im not disputing it but I have requested a copy in response to his letter before action.

This has not been received.


There actually is no proof of debt at all .

I just dont relish going to court and seeing all my deceased partners relatives standing making false statements , I just want to move on now but this isnt going to go away.


My defense will have to be in by 4th March which Im ok with doing.


What happens next.?

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Thread moved to General Legal Issues Forum in view of the court claim received and thread title updated.





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anney63, please can give more information about your late wife's Will. Did she leave one? If so who are the executors?  They are responsible for paying any debts of your late wife.

Also can you post up on here a copy of the claim form you have received (with all identifying information, claim numbers, bar codes etc removed).

I've been away and only just logged back into CAG to read the thread. I see you has until yesterday to respond. What defence did you send (identifying details removed again)?

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Please fill in your quit date here

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    • There are a number of points in respect of your proposed letter. Firstly, you are referring to the overpayment – "it has not been possible to resolve this matter…" As if this has been an ongoing issue. I'm not aware that it has. I'm not aware that you have had any dispute with them in which overpayment of £116.55 has been the subject. So in that respect, the reference you are making has no meaning. Secondly, you are proposing to provide them with documents which you going to rely upon. I don't think this is the place to do it. This is something that would come after you see what their defence is and you are preparing for a hearing. You are trying to get them too much information to early on. You should provide them with a minimum of information at this point. Your offering the mediation – they are not mature enough to be able to deal with this. If you want to get into mediation then you should say that for later. At the moment they will simply see it as another weak threat from somebody who doesn't really want to take legal action and who probably won't. All the rest sounds a bit like an attempt to be a lawyer – (which is generally speaking not a good thing). Also, you are offering them 28 days. This seems like a long time to me. A normal letter of claim would give only 14 days. As far as I'm concerned, 28 days is simply 14 more days in which to ignore you. I think firstly you need to decide whether you want to raise the issue of the overpayment by writing to them and telling them that you have calculated that you have overpaid them and that you like the money back. Of course this will draw no response whatsoever or it will draw threat. If you take that first step then I'm quite sure that you will be obliged to take the second step – which is to issue the letter of claim. Of course you can simply issue the letter of claim without any other warning. In which case:  
    • All gone quiet on this funnily enough.   Any ideas where to go from here?
    • Both of my CCAs were pretty much illegible.   My husband's form is quite clear though, but it was a simple 2 page form, which refers to lots of T&Cs. The actual T&Cs that accompanied the CCA was a photocopy of what would have been their standard T&Cs at the time apparently - not necessarily the exact ones he would have seen.   I have now had the same PAP letter for my 2 accounts saying that they're referring my accounts to their litigation department so all 3 accounts now passed to their litigation department.    So 3 PAPs to complete. I have the CCAs so there's no point in asking for that again is there? But in box D, what do I write as to why I'm disputing it? I will get these sent back to them over the next few days.   Re. post 232, if I had all the time in the World and a scanner I could have uploaded these docs. However, I will have to buy a scanner to scan the hundreds of pages, but I will. I will do this as soon as I possibly can.  Thanks for the help.
    • well £50+int doesnt = 42% and 42% is a weird figure to offer a discount on.   somethings up IMHO.   wait and see what they send next don't forget they've got to send a PAP letter before they try and litigate. do we know if things like the DN exist? has HSBC gotten an sar sent yet
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      Furthemore, irresponsible lending practices are also unfair and unlawful.
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      You are entitled to refuse counsellor visits and not incur any charges.
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      However, you should ensure that you receive a proper rate of interest and this means that you should be seeking at least restitutionary damages - which would be much higher than the statutory 8%.
      Furthermore, you should assess whether the paying of demands for unlawful excessive charges has also out you further into arrears and if this has caused you further penalties in terms of extra interest or any other prejudice. This should be claimed as well.
      If excessive unlawful charges have resulted in your credit file being affected, then you should take this into account also when working out exactly what you want by way of remedy from the lender.
      You should consult others on these forums when considering any offer.
      You must not make any complaint through the Ombudsman. your time will be wasted, you will wait up to 2 yrs and there will be a minimal 8% award of interest and no account will be taken of any other damage you have suffered.
      You must make your complaint through the County Court for a rapid and effective remedy.

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