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    • I booked a one way flight online for my wife and I with Ryanair in December '19 for a flight from Spain to UK in August '20. The flight confirmation showed that the cost of the flight was €145.68 and that my card had been debited £133.01.  I don't recall being given the option of choosing to pay in euros or GBP but it is possible that I was.   On 5/2/20 they contacted me to advise that "Due to the non-delivery of the Boeing Max aircraft this summer, please be advised that there has been a significant time change to your Ryanair booking". It was in fact much more than a significant change in that it was a cancellation of a flight on that day from that airport which had been tailored to fit our preceding travel plans so I just asked for a refund, as I could not find a suitable alternative with Ryanair.   The refund was processed and Ryanair sent me an email stating, "We confirm that your refund request has been processed back to the form of payment used to pay for your booking. Your issuing bank will take 5-7 working days to process this refund amount back to your account. The amount refunded to your credit/debit card is GBP 133.01"  When I checked my bank account I saw that they had refunded me €145.68 which when exchanged left me £119.58 leaving me £13.43 out of pocket.  On contacting Ryanair they said it was my bank's fault and not theirs as they refunded the full amount paid.  My bank advised that Ryanair debited my account originally in GBP therefore they should have refunded this amount in GBP.   I made an official complaint to Ryanair which they have rejected stating that I was in breach of their General Conditions of Carriage by not selecting the correct payment option.  I feel that because they did a currency conversion on payment and debited my account in GBP that they should have refunded the GBP amount that they took.   I also wonder how many others has this happened to and I smell a large rat. Could anyone offer any views on this, and/or if I have any comeback and where I could take it please?
    • So I received a further letter and a phone call from Ruthbridge yesterday offering a 70% discount and through a lot of waffle go on to say verbatim (I hung up the phone without admitting who I am):   "If you fail to contact us... we may return the account to our client (cabot?) who may look at alternative activity"   I'm guessing they know it's SB then as there is no reference to court, however they do state that the credit reference agencies will be updated to reflect "partially settled" should I take advantage of their offer - there is no HSBC/Cabot/Ruthbridge account showing on any of my credit reports.   DX apologies if you take it as I am being difficult or dim, however I remain concerned that the CCA request does not contain the words "I do not acknowledge any debt" or similar and because only a debtor can apply for the CCA (as I'm led to believe) then sending for this in 2015 has reset the date of acknowledgement of the debt - has this ever been used by a DCA as an acknowledgement of the debt?   Furthermore with the 2015 letters and 2020 letter having completely different amounts allegedly owed and reference numbers that differ from the original letters from Cabot and the CCA supplied back in 2016 this is giving me a further level of concern over the best course of action.
    • Hi everyone   Just want to say hello as a new member. Looking forward to reading, learning and hopefully participating in the forum.   C
    • Hi. Yes I want to keep the vehicle. I shall get my head around the upload procedure.   Thank you   Cheers
    • Yes the car was registered at the address and I was living there. 
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I have an as yet diagnosed medical issue which limits my capacity to work, I cant get benefits yet but may only be able to work on a reduced basis going forward. I have £34k of credit card debt and £8k of other debt and can no longer service it - does anyone know the new medical criteria they have talked about for debt forgiveness please? Thank you

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