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Another Xercise4Less Query

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I've read through all the threads here, and this seems like the best course of action - to write a letter to CRS (who have now taken over from Harlands with harassing my daughter). It's a similar situation to many on the forum - except she was 17 when she signed up, and there was no "adult" involved in either signing up or payments. We have emailed the gym once saying this (on receipt of the first Harlands email):


Dear Sir/Madam

I am contacting you after taking advice from your staff onthe phone.

I have had a contract with you since 2/9/17, which wassigned when I was 17. I handed in a letter on about 12/7/18 sayingI wished to cancel my membership as soon as my year was up, on 2/9/18. Ihave now cancelled my direct debit, and received a slightly threatening letterfrom Harlands Group, asking me to reinstate my DD or pay an admin fee.

I have tried to ring Harlands, and have evidence of being onhold for over 30 minutes. I have tried to use Harlands' online system, but thisdoesn't accept the reference number given by them (again, I have evidence).

I would be grateful if you could provide some clarity onthis situation, as I have taken legal advice, and would like this mattersettled quickly, and to not receive any further harrassing emails fromHarlands.

I wish to cancel my contract as of 2/9/18, as stated in myprevious letter, and would like you to action my cancellation as soon aspossible.

As stated in my previous letter, please let me know if thereanything else I need to do.





I think it's time for a letter to go to them, so I wonder if someone would give me their thoughts on the text below? I'm a bit doubtful about the dates - it could be that daughter was a bit keen to cancel the DD, and that it hit before the notice period was up, hence the offer of £9.99. She will send this by regular post. She is very worried, but has been ignoring their emails/texts.


Thanks in advance for any comments.


Your reference: xxxxx


I have received an email letter from CRS on 14/12/18. It once again makes unlawful threats and harassing comments.

My Xercise4Less membership was cancelled, in writing, to the gym on 12/07/18. The gym did not inform me of any additional requirements to accepting this notice (copy enclosed).

I cancelled my DD mandate in September, and this can also be considered notice that my membership was to be terminated.

I will offer a final payment of £9.99 as a fee for a final month’s additional notice. You have 14 days in which to accept this full and final settlement, and to provide details of where I should send the payment. It will not be made by direct debit. I will not pay any administration or penalty fees.

Further to this:

I was 17, and therefore a minor, when I signed this contract. There is no guarantor or co-signer for the contract. The staff used high pressure selling techniques on me. I will robustly defend any legal proceedings you bring against me.

I will not respond to any text messages, email messages or phone calls from you or any other organisation on this matter. Any correspondence will be done in writing.

If you continue to harass me via electronic means, I will raise a complaint with Trading Standards, the Financial Conduct Authority, the OFT and the Financial Ombudsman. I also reserve the right to pursue court action for harassment and seek damages. Under GDPR rules, I also withdraw my consent for your organisation to hold data about me, or to pass it to other organisations or entities.

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You block their emails and boune them back and block the text number too


Simply write offering 9.99

If they refuse

Ignore them forever


Dont waffle either


A dca is not a bailiff!!

Zero powers!!

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Hi DD and welcome to CAG


Your letter should be addressed to Harlands. Harland/CRS are one and the same - CRS are not a separate DCA - that's what Harlands/CRS want you to think.


The letter is way too long and I suggest :-


I cancelled after giving proper written notice to the gym.


I owe nothing more and suggest you make no further demands or your actions will be reported.


I also suggest a letter to X4Less's Head Office in Leeds :-


I gave the proper written notice to cancel my membership at [town/city] gym and paid all I owe.


If you allow Harlands/CRS to continue to make demands, you will be reported along with Harlands/CRS for Harassment.


I expect your written confirmation that you've instructed Harlands/CRS to cease all contact with me.


Get a free Certificate of Posting for each letter at the PO counter.



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