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    • well be expecting to get lots of scary letter aLLay will not give in quickly or easily.     did you sign their letter of authority to act upon your behalf with satans bank? be careful  it might be best to let each know as from the date of that letter you regard the contract cancelled/void as satans should not be informing nor corresponding with allay..which they probably are. and you instruct them not too!   dx  
    • https://apertureiva.com/
    • its not a penalty charge. hope you've not used that word or the word FINE in any comms else you'll be viewed as someone that hasn't a clue what they are talking about...
    • An update 2 weeks further-on for the benefit of anyone coming along later in similar circumstances or currently following for a directly related reason.   No response to date from the Hospital, either to original correspondence or subsequent chase.   No response yet from PALS, written-to with all details/copies just a week ago after allowing a period for the Hospital to respond to a chase letter and step-up and have the penalty charge cancelled.   All corres. Special Delivery.   Parking charge reminder received from CPP dated 11 days after original (no contact intended with CPP, less than zero intention of making payment this side of eternity.)   FOI request sent Re. car parking equipment reported-faults - request received and acknowledged.   MP contacted, details/copies provided, moving toward meeting Re their involvement.   To contact press, local radio etc. accordingly.   Watch this space ...            
    • Hi all, apologies for the late degree of replies, I was using a mobile earlier and could not navigate the page very well. I have been trying to reply to each individual reply but cannot see where I can do that and I used "quote" which I am informed is incorrect (apologies if this has somewhat cocked things up)   Anyway I have established a little more info , as per Andy's enquiry, James ( my friend and the client in this instance) has confirmed it was Debt Free Direct who had set up the original IVA but they went into administration and were sold onto a company called Apperture, This is the company that Equity in Finance are supposedly holding any PPI recoveries for.   It transpires that Equity In Finance were "promoted" by Debt Free Direct as being able to recover PPI costs for James on the premise that HE would be receiving any recoveries less their fee for handling the claims, there was absolutely NO transparency that they would be with-holding all funds received for any and ALL ppi claims whether involved or not.   James is calling to see me tomorrow and we are going to check his credit file and also send off SAR's to ALL parties involved in the debacle. This will include, Apperture, Equity in Finance, The IP who handled the IVA and each of the banks/ loan companies & credit card companies he has personally claimed PPI from and also the ones that Equity in Finance have handled directly.   As I say there is definitely a rabbit off somewhere - Equity in Finance have taken / been sent every penny of the PPI recoveries including the ones that they have had no involvement in and the most recent being just in the last 4 weeks, despite the IVA being advised as closed in 2013 !!   even on the initial debt of £17000 plus fees ( currently shown on debt free direct website @ circa £3500 - yes they are apparently trading again !! ) the payments made under the IVA and the recoveries under PPI  have totalled been more than £40k so James is owed a hell of a lot of money which I can see no way that these companies are legally with-holding from him.   Lets see what the SARS bring in and then we will have a more defined basis of EXACTLY what we are looking at    Thanks guys for the initial advices - I will keep you all up to date on developments but any advices in the interim would be greatly accepted    Just a few links for reference :-  https://www.credit-connect.co.uk/commercial-news/corporate-insolvency/debt-free-direct-sold-aperture/   Debt free directs current ?? website https://www.debtfreedirect.co.uk/   Debt free direct confirmation of average fees and how paid   https://www.debtfreedirect.co.uk/fees
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Parking fees rise at many hospitals in 2017-18, analysis finds

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