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Same thing with me. To summarise as clearly as I can:




My desktop computer, laptop, ipad and iphone, memory cards were seized in early 2014 by Police.

I was promised to have them returned and obtained a receipt.

I was on bail for 21 months.


I was sent down in late 2015 and appealed my sentence late 2016.

During this time, my parents were not allowed to collect my property until after the appeal.

I decided to wait until closer to my release date.


In October 2017, my parents went to collect my property.

They were given the ipad, laptop and memory cards but were told that the iphone and desktop computer were missing.

I filed a complaint, which has taken about 6 months to date to process.


I am told that the department handling my computers had since moved / merged into a different one and there was no record or trace of the equipment.

It went astray either right before I was sent down or immediately after.


The case officer insists that I signed for my iphone while on bail, which is not the case because I wasn't allow it.

My sister also has documented email evidence between them contradicting this claim. "I would like to see my signature for it", I said.

"Oh, we've lost this too", the inspector replied.


I have the original invoices for this equipment which total to just over £2000.

The data contains priceless family images and business files. Nothing dodgy.

Any evidence used against me was on the laptop they returned.

Yes, undeleted!


Professional standards don't deem this complaint serious enough.

Where do I stand on a compensation claim?

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If police lost my computer and all of its valuable data in their custody and duty of care, where do I stand with regard to compensation?

They also lost my phone, but believe they gave it back to me.

They claim to have lost the receipt proving this, though


I have complained and appealed.

Solicitor is currently reviewing it.

I made a FOI about other cases in same time frame by same Force and there have been 17 others and 1 of those was a successful outcome for claimant.

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They have an insurance claim department.

Ask for their contact and ask for compensation.

Don't confuse matters by saying that they lost the signature etc.

They haven't given you your stuff back and it's up to them to prove otherwise.

They lost the signature? Tough!

They're liable to compensate you.

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Thank you. I think they will compensate me like for like. But currently concerned about the data? I am missing family photos, business files and projects, personal bank data, etc. Solicitor is reviewing it, just wondering what to expect.

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Sadly youll have to wait for the solicitor. He will be much more experienced with this type of thing.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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