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    • Hi, no i did not or ever work in credit collection or at lowells. I had investor funds that buy these debt portfolios, lowells does the collection ie workouts for investors. See the  8% interest.? Investors buy these receivables to collect 8% v current rates. .they also securitise them for fixed income. V profitable.  I learned the ropes in the us during financial crises. Got burned by deutsche bank. Sued deutsche. Im used to us litigation. Lost all my money which explains not having £300.  so i dont understand the forms or process in Uk. help me out. 1. Claim form plus defense form, admittance form  all in 1. Box 3 on form fill in. This is filing your defence correct? 2. I have to wait for lowell to send a response ie their witness statement, with evidence supporting thier claim. Correct? Is this attached to a court form if any? If yes whats the form number? 3. I assume i respond to each  point in their witness state with a rebuttal. Is there a form attached? How does this get filed with the court?  I never understood using a form for claim or responses. Us uses pleadings, and responses, no forms. This forum hugely helpful, but im not there yet. also dont understand strategy for timing of fillings. If you can explain process i n follow along.  Also, you are saying, i was still with BT on oct 22 in default. 8 days later lowell bought debt. Impossible! They claim default a year later when i didn't live in the property. I think this is about right. What evidence do i need to gather?   kr escaped  
    • I'm just going to build up slowly, and have been.  Got a big old freezer so have been filling that up gradually.  I think it's not because of actual shortages, but rather panic buying that will cause problems, especially bread which ironically is all produced in the UK.   As for Trump, just got to expect that crap from him I guess, no trade deals will be happening anyway if the Good Friday agreement is put at risk.  Besides,what Boris Johnson is suggesting about no backstop and no hard border is even crazier than anything that Trump has ever said or done.   Tories are trying to destroy, and there is no plan for what comes next, there will be a terrible day of reckoning for the them at some point that will make Tony Blair's 1997 victory look like chicken feed. Sadly that won't be until the country has been ruined.          
    • @London1971 yes take precautions, and the full tank of fuel isn't a bad idea, the Legacy media are fomenting panic, so buying in a couple of essentials  extra with the shop rather than a panic stockpile should be OK.  Next one to circulate?  Could be Trump wants to buy the UK as Denmark won't sell him Greenland.  Mind you that UK/US Trade deal might do that in all but name.
    • Hi Jamberson..thanks for the advice. I agree multiple signs may annoy the local residents. I still believe that the signage was not clearly available on the day and it is down to the LA to ensure those signs are clearly displayed.Ironic that a week later all those bushes and foliage had been cut right back. If the LA deemed the signage was displayed correctly in the first place why cut back that foliage later on that week? That is what I am basing my argument on. Anyway I am at the NTO stage now and have submitted that reason for not paying the original fine. Let's see how that goes. I have 56 days. Reading through the forums I can see that other LA's have failed to comply with the 56 day timeline and consequently had to quash the fine due to  procedural impropriety...
    • What is the advice, pitfalls to be aware of if I try settle this privately or direct with his insurer?
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