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Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Let's see what Everest return.




But it's certainly a shame that the OP didn't come here first.

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Dir i read it right?

£6700 is 15% of Total quote???

That makes the job close to 45k, do you live in a castle?

In my experience, local pc companies do a better job for a fraction of the price and you have a physical address that you can visit and in most cases see how windows and doors are manufactured.

Take Everest to the cleaners.

One question: you did unequivocally told them that you considered the contract void for their failure and wanted your money back, didn't you?

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I know. We live and we learn. I wish we had to.




No. I’ll explain.

The windows and doors originally came to £25,814.

Yes I know.

I was probably ripped off.

I live in a modest 4 bedroom house.


I paid £3,873 deposit.

Which is 15%.


After many Months, they decided they couldn’t to a simple bifold doors from the kitchen to the garden.

Even there guys were in disbelief.

There portal frame supplier had pulled out, and they had none else.


We originally signed in May.

We amended the contract in June to get rid of the finance agreement.


even then.

Three months and they said they couldn’t it.


Because it was important to get it done by Christmas.

Which two weeks ago or so they said could only be done in January.

I told them to forget the sunroom.


We were really unhappy about doing that because we would never have signed with Everest if we knew that, but I told them to take it off the contract and install in December.

We where desperate to get done.


Of course they were happy, and reduced the contract by £6,364.

New price for windows and doors was £19,450.


I didn’t get the money owed for the lesser deposit then because they said that of course, I’d only pay the final balance of £15,577.

New contract price. £19,450 minus the original deposit £3,873.


You’d think companies like this should have to maintain ethical standards with how they treat customers or face being shut down.


The good new is that they have served Everest.

With all the WhatsApp texts, letters and transcripts of telephone calls, admitting how badly we have been treated, plus the actual facts, maybe a judge would find in our favour because the negligence and ineptitude displayed by Everest was beyond reasonable.



I know we can’t use telephone calls recorded without warning, but can we use transcripts of the conversations or quotes from the conversation?


Yes. I told them.

They must pay us back.


For all these months and they haven’t communicated with us or did one job as per contract.

How long must we wait.

Have we not got rights as consumers that they start a job within 6 months of signing with them.

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You have misunderstood the rules about telephone recordings. You can certainly use them in court – but you would have to tell the judge that you are going to use them and also warn the other side and you would probably need to give them copies as well.


The only thing you can't do with call recordings which you haven't worn the other side about is you can't publish them – but in a court of law there is no problem.


It will certainly be worth getting transcripts of calls you want to rely upon. You would then serve the transcripts on the other side and also give a copy to the judge and then you ask the other side whether they want the recorded call played in court or whether they are prepared to accept the transcript. I would say most the time they will simply accept the transcript. If you tell the judge that the other side have agreed to accept the transcript then the judge won't want to listen to the call. If there is a dispute over the transcript then the judge would want to listen to the call to make his or her own mind up.

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From the sounds of the cost that you were contracted to pay to Everest it seems to me that this is the best thing that could possibly have happened.


By the way, have you served formal notice on Everest that the contract is at an end? You should do this – even though it is clear from the circumstances and that you have issued proceedings that it is at an end – but you may as well resolve any ambiguity about this.

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Early 2000 = had a silly £15,000 quote for 3 bedroom 30s semi detached house, told the chap what he could - so called big companies = got the job done for £1,750 by local company


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4 bedroom house at a guess 10 windows, a front door and a French door at the back.

Any local company can do the lot for 7k max with 3 weeks notice.

Trust the locals, they'll be happy to show you previous work.

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From the sounds of the cost that you were contracted to pay to Everest it seems to me that this is the best thing that could possibly have happened.


By the way, have you served formal notice on Everest that the contract is at an end? You should do this – even though it is clear from the circumstances and that you have issued proceedings that it is at an end – but you may as well resolve any ambiguity about this.


I haven’t told them with a formal notice but when they refused to return our deposits, I told them that I will be taking legal action. We have a letter from the small claims court, stating they have been served and have until the 30th December to respond. We are really upset by what’s happened. How can a company who has treated, and admits it has treated, a customer so badly, not want to do the right thing and return the deposits back.

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I’m sorry for appearing to repeat myself, but I rewrote the events but I have included things that I didn’t include before. The fact they quoted and said they could do the windows and sunroom, then after signing us up and taking our deposits, they then realized that they couldn’t do it. This is of course the reasons for the delay, and it’s obvious that they are just kicking the problem down the road and the truth is, they are not able to do it. Here is our situation again, but more information.


My partner and I have saved up for 8 years to renew our windows, doors and conservatory. After different companies proposing to us, we settled on Everest because we believed by paying a bit more and using this well known company, we would get the best. The value of the both contracts are over £40,000. In May we were assured that the work would be done before Christmas because in 2019 my partner and I would not be in the country. I currently live and work abroad for a period and partner is due to join me before Christmas so installation would not be possible during 2019.


One of of the ways offered to reduce the total price by 5% was to sign up for finance with Home Solutions, who have a deal with Everest to provide such a discount and then I was told before the first payment, or in between the first and second payment, i can’t be sure exactly, I would Pay off the full amount to them and therefore we would apparently not be subject to the interest imposed by taking out the finance, due to a consumer credit law that enabled this, however it didn’t sit comfortably with me at all, so on the 28th May I sent a text to the Regional manager to say as much and insisted that this financial agreement must be cancelled as I was inside my cooling off period of 14 days, and to increase the price by 5% and I was happy to pay. I didn’t want to be party to this shenanigans. As a result the contract was amended without the finance agreement.


We received notification that the conservatory would be provisionally booked to be installed on 8th October. I booked a flight home to be there for the installation. At this stage, We still hadn’t heard a single thing about the installation of the windows and doors. My partner and I were calling regularly with no success so I reverted to contacting the salesman through WhatsApp to find out what was going on. On August 1st, I was trying to establish what progress had been made regarding the windows and doors. I was told it was with the tech team.


Our home has arched windows and doors on the ground floor, and when we signed with the salesman, who had only worked for Everest for 4 months, didn’t even mention there would an issue with arched shapes, but that it was his first time pricing them up. The only issue was his company computer wouldn’t create arch shaped windows. For the contract. He assured us it was a software issue.


When the surveyor arrived weeks later, before he even walked in the to the house he said, “we can’t do those love”. The reason was not the arch shape frames. The reason was that the moveable part of windows and the doors themselves had arch shaped tops. A second visit was required by the same surveyor. I was there this time and realized the full extent of the problem. Everest should never have quoted for these windows because they can’t do curved windows and doors that open and close. Why quote for it and accept a deposit. The surveyor said he’d get his tech team to work their Magic, and find a solution. If and when he had something, he promised to send us a detailed platform of the design, so we could agree and approve it. This was very important that we could ok the design because we when signed, we were told it would be exactly the same design as the original. We were so despondent at this stage because those arched windows are a lovely feature of the house, and Everest had no idea how to solve the problem.


We tried to speak with someone at Everest for updates in August and September with no success. On 21st September I text the salesman and asked for an update. Not one person had contacted us. I could literally only get a response from The salesman through text message for updates and information. In one of his texts I was told that communication is something that has been addressed in the company and it's not only ourselves that were having problems and apparently there's been a big turnover in staff at the call centre.


My partner and I tried to contact Everest many times with no success so ended up having to revert back to old fashioned text messages with the original salesman for information and updates. It turned out that there seemed to be a problem for constructing a simple portal frame for the bifold doors to go into the sunroom. Something that is so simple to do. Since it was very important to get the work done by the end of the year, I was getting concerned that the widows and doors wouldn’t be installed in October. On the 24th September I was told that a local engineer could construct the portal frame within a week.


The next day, 25th September, I was informed by text that the “order” had been given to the director because of the trouble it had caused us, and it shouldn’t be a stressful process, especially considering the money we have spent. In the same text we were told that he had spoken to the area manager who decided to get senior management involved, and they were unhappy as they think they are the best but they hadn’t achieved that. He also went on to write that the windows and doors side of the project would not be installed on the 10th October as we were “promised”. Needless to say we were dumbfounded. Don’t forget The contract was signed on May 23rd.


We were so disappointed. After over 4 months, how could a company be so incompetent, as not to be able to do something so easy. Just to say up to this point, no one from operations had contacted us whatsoever. All our information and updates was received by whataspp from the salesman. On the 26th September I was told by text that the reason for this was due to one of the companies making the portal frames, had pulled out last minute and they are looking for another company to replace them, and now that the director was involved things should get resolved fairly quickly.


Nothing happened and No one contacted us and the only person we were able to talk to from customer services was as frustrated as we were. This person sent us a load of internal emails that show Everest in a state of dire emergency. If you would like to see them, I would be happy to send you them. During one particular conversation on the 2nd October with customer services my partner was told the windows, doors and sunroom contract had been cancelled due to the problem with the portal frame. Not one person from Everest had called us since the contract was signed back in May. We were the ones always fighting for scraps of information.


I told the salesman what we were told about our contract being cancelled. On 3rd October, He informed me by text message that it wasn’t cancelled and the situation has been brought to the attention of every manger and the CEO of Everest in relation to operations mistakes, and that operations had been bombarded with emails and calls from his managers and if they don’t call us, he wouldn’t like to be in their shoes. He went on to write that, he was embarrassed with what’s happened and that it was a joke. He wrote that there were certain people in the company that had really let them down and ruined their reputation not to mention causing us and other customers an unbelievable amount Of stress. He was quite correct. My partner and I were genuinely becoming incredibly stressed, and anxious.


The “provisional” installation date of the conservatory was changed from the 8th October to the 10th. I flew back to the UK on the 7th October specifically for this, and both of us using our two weeks annual leave, anticipating installation of Windows, doors, sunroom and conservatory. By now it was clear that only the conservatory would now be installed in October. On 8th October I spoke to Wayne from operations who called me, but just to introduce himself and he said he would get back to me with information.


shortly after this call from Wayne, I spoke to the regional manager on the phone. He told, us that hand on his heart, in all his career with Everest he had never known Everest let a customer down or treat somebody, the way they have us. That he himself sent out 30 or 40 emails and he’d even sent a grievance complaint to the CEO regarding what operations have done and how we have been treated, and that the only reason operations called me was that the CEO made him do so. He also said that if the windows and doors couldn’t be installed to hold off on the conservatory because obviously everything has to match. He said that if the windows and doors couldn’t be fitted we would be entitled to receive our deposit back because the company has broken the contract. He also added that when all the work is done I should be asking for some kind of compensation for the shoddy customer service and he would help us with that and we could get some recompense for all the nonsense and messing about we have endured. He said he was completely speechless with what has happened. I have a recording of this telephone conversation.


On 10th October the Morning of the installation of the conservatory, I received a phone call from a man named Courtney from the installation team to say they won’t be installing the conservatory now, and it was postponed. Apparently the ridge was damaged. We were devastated. Let down yet again. We couldn’t believe it. I came home from the other side of the world and both my partner and I had sacrificed our annual leave for 2018 for nothing, the amount of work we did preparing. Blinds were also removed, now leaving the conservatory unsecured. After speaking to Nancy the next day who offered us a completely different excuse to why the installation was cancelled to Courtney’s excuse. That was the last time I ever heard from the conservatory department. To this day.


A few days later operations called me to say that the sunroom also couldn’t be done and won’t be done. When I queried that it was a considerable part of the contract, I was told that they had no solutions and it wasn’t going ahead. I was so miserable by now. He informed they had the right to remove or adjust the work because it was all “subject to survey”. After being told this I told Everest to just take the cost of the sunroom off the contract and I would find someone else to do it, in order to get things moving.


We were beyond despair. They reduced the cost of our contract by £6,631. This is the miserly price that they worked out the sunroom was worth. It was not itemized within the contract and of course they told us that was how much they were going to reduce the price by. We were once left mortified. It was now going to cost us a hell of a lot more than they cut the contract price by and we were very angry and frustrated because if they had told us from the beginning, they couldn’t do it, we would never have gone with Everest.


Anglian windows quoted £13,000 To £14,000 just for this sunroom alone. When i told him how much Everest quoted for the sunroom and the windows and doors he told raised an eyebrow in disbelief and said was no absolutely no way they could do all the windows, doors and sunroom for that price. At the time I just thought that he was saying that To sell his company, but now I realize he was actually being genuine with his advice. We wanted one company to do the whole job. We needed the work done so I managed to book a week off in December. From October 11th until now beginning of December we have heard absolutely nothing from the conservatory department despite leaving messages on answer machines. I was speaking to a gentleman from the windows and doors side of the business who was trying to arrange that side of it. Eventually on 14th November the operations gentleman called me to say that unfortunately they had “supply chain” problems with regards to manufacturing the three above mentioned arched windows, they had quoted for, and that the work could not be done until 2019.


This was not possible as they knew we were not going to be there, and besides, where are the designs that their tech team were supposed to magic. It is obvious that they have no solution to the arch window problems, because they are unique windows that Everest can’t do and they should never have quoted for. It’s the equivalent of them trying to jam a square peg, into a round hole. They believed they could fudge it, but failed. As long as they signed us up for two contracts, they didn’t consider the technical problems. Not once since the surveyor came the second time have we seen a design planform of the proposed windows design that was essential to the appearance of the but instead have kept kicking the problem down the road until we have had enough. So by this stage after nearly 6 months we decided that enough was enough and We couldn’t go on anymore. I was and I still am suffering a lot of stress and depression due to how we have been treated, and so has more worryingly my girlfriend. It has come to a point that I am not sleeping. It was affecting my job to a dangerous extent. I need to remove this stress. For both of us. I am not exaggerating.


It’s our home. It’s all we have. It’s supposed to be pleasurable. It’s supposed to be the best time of our lives. Having worked and saved so hard to see an improvement to our home. Instead. Instead we find ourselves climbing a mountain called Everest.


I contacted the customer service department and requested our deposits be returned. I described the events that have happened to us. This was request for return of our deposits was declined and we were told that we should allow access for them to do the work next year. That they are willing to go ahead. Unbelievable. I wouldn’t let them in our house if they offered to do the work for free. They have displayed such incompetency, I would be almost negligent myself after what we have experienced to let such an incompetent company to work on our home. It’s not like they are painting a wall. This is an important and complex aspect of the house.


I was informed it would be next year. We are not here next year. In 2019 we are not going to be in the the uk. They knew this in May 2018. Nothing has happened. I have now filed a smalls claim court proceedings against Everest. All we want are is our deposits of £6,686 and for Everest to get out of our lives. We are fair and straight people. In 7 months. Nothing has been done. Despite all the messing about by Everest. Buying a ticket Flying to the UK for a cancelled installation and wasting two weeks leave. We just want what is ours back. £6,686. We don’t want extra compensation although everyone we talk to says we should. To tell us that we should let them continue is insulting. Having to goto court to get our money back is going to cost us money and make my partner stressed and depressed. We will have to fly to the UK for a couple of days to attend. We shall do this, but should we really have to go through this? They know they have treated us badly. Many of their own employees are embarrassed by it. Why cant Everest just admit they messed up, apologize to us and return our money. That’s all we are asking. What is worrying is that in their contract it says that customers who cancelled would be liable to 80% of the contract price. What if they win the small claims court and then press for the 80% of the contract price. We’d loose £32,000 for being treated like this.

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