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Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on this situation.


I bought a pram online from a company in Bristol at the end of June.


It was £593 for a bundle which included the pram frame/pushchair, carrycot, and car seat which was a maxi cosi upgrade which accounted for £99 of the price.


The baby was born mid July. Opened the pram to find that the frame was scratched. There were a few big scratched and a LOT of little scratches, as if someone had brushed sandpaper over the frame chrome finish frame. Before knowing this we had used the car seat to bring the baby home.


The particular pram comes in black but also comes with a colour pack of the buyers choice.


I contacted the company and was told that the scratches were 'manufacturing marks' and I could either take a partial refund of £50 of send the pram back to them and they would then send it to the manufacturer for investigation. I wasn't offered a replacement.


I contacted the manufacturer myself and they told me that their products are not supplied with any scratches or marks as a result of manufacturing.


I went back to the company I bought the pram from and explained this. After several emails which went ignored I emailed them again to say that I had been advised I am entitled to either a refund or replacement and that I would like a replacement.


The gentleman at the pram shop then phoned and denied ignoring the emails and that he thought that the manufacturer was dealing with it which was obviously a lie.


He arranged to pick the frame, carrycot and pushchair seat up which all had marks/ scratches and agreed to replace them. All the above so far took about 2.5/3 months.


He send DPD to pick up the items about a month ago and we heard nothing. Gave it a few days and had to contact them again, same gentleman who then lied to say he sent an email re th pram after he received it which he didn't.


He then said that he has looked at the other prams he has of the same model and they're all scratched/marked so would rather give a refund.


He then said that he needs to send for the rest of the items. He will refund minus the price of the car seat as it had been used.


Initially this was fine but I have priced it up and to buy it separately would leave me out of pocket as it was bought as a bundle. If I keep the car seat I am left unable to buy a bundle which will leave me out of pocket. In addition, the colour pack is now discontinued and cannot be purchased in a bundle, I would have to buy the colour pack separately which is almost £100.


I contacted him again and was told that he would refund the cost minus 99 for the car seat. I explained about the colour pack and my inability now to buy a bundle, and asked if I might be able to keep colour pack as a good will gesture as I have been without a pram for 4 months and he said that he will do it at cost price.


Can someone tell me where I stand on this. I would rather send the whole lot back including the car seat and have nothing more to do with this company. I can buy the carseat cheaper online which might allow me to break even buying everything individually.


I suppose what I am asking is, do I have the right to return the carseat and have a full refund as it was purchased as a bundle and he is either unwilling/unable to supply me with the main part of the bundle in a satisfactory condition?

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