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CMS increased payments?

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I posted in another site but I got no replies I'm guessing nobody could answer on there.


Who do you turn to for advice away from the CMS if they start getting funny over payments?


I had a 12k debt with them after finding out 2017 once it transfered from CSA to CMS.


They admitted it was their fault and told me to pay what I wanted towards the debt that I could afford. So as long as I was paying somethng they weren't bothered.


So in 2017 they agreed to take £171 for my daughter and £30 for arrears £201


A year later October 2018 they sent me a new break down based on my earnings the base payment went down to £168 but they increased arrears payments to £43 so I changed SO to £211 first payment came out in November this year. 1/11/2018 - 1/09/2019 £211


I then get a CMS message on my account on the 29th November a month after the last statement with a new one saying from 1/12/2018 - 1/09/2019 new payments are £1206 a month


I gave them a call to this ass of a women who ws under the impression that although my monthly earning were £1300 a month the arrears had to be paid and wasn't bothered I had a 5 year old to feed as well as pay rent and council tax etc


She then went away for about 5 mins and came back and couldn't explain where the £1206 came from and banged on about didn't you get a statement which I said yes for £168 a month plus £43 towards arrears £211 but for some reason even though I can see this on my account she couldn't find it.


She then told me my base payment was actually £149 a month not £168 even though my online account says different but this new £1206 statement they have just released says £149 and couldn't explain it.


She then told me actually we can only take a min payment for £250 a month today she seemed not interested that a month before they gave me a breakdown for the whole year for £211.


She wouldn't give me an explanation as why after issuing a statement already after getting HMRC details that they can only accept a min payment that was more than they originally said and got funny with me about enforcement action


Who do you actually go to for advice over this?

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If your gross income is £1300 per month and you have one child living with you, your base payment should be £138.84.


Your gross income should be reduced by 11% as you have a 5 year old living with you. Reduce your gross income of £1300 by 11% (£143) = £1157


You should then pay 12% of gross income to your daughter - 12% of £1157 = £138.84


If you are on the Collect and Pay system, 20% is added as a fee by the CMS so your liability is £166.61 per month based on a gross monthly income of £1300, plus an amount towards arrears.


The CMS can take up to 40% of your gross income towards arrears. If collection of arrears is causing you hardship, you should submit a budget statement and request that arrears repayments are reduced. It is up to the CMS whether or not the amount collected for arrears is reduced.

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Thanks for getting in touch,


My wage changes each month as working weekeds pays a bit more some months than others so I would say £1280 - £1400 month to month.


My main complaint was that they sent a break down of payments for 12 months for £211 inc £43 towards the arrears. £168 being the base payments.


A month later they send me a message with another new break down for 12 months at £1206 a month dropping my base payments down to £149 and arrears payements of £1057.


They couldn't even tell me where they got that figure from. Then out of the blue just decided to up my arrears another £40 a month.


All I called for was to ask for an explanation as to why they changed things less then a month later after writing to me and she get funny with me on the phone when she couldn't explain.


I understand about the 40% they can take but I know they have to take into account my financial situation so they don't leave me with out providing for every day essentials.

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So just to bump this thread up.


They told me to wait for a letter to come before I increased my SO to the agreed £250 on the phone. This letter hasn't come yet but I thought I would check on my online account anyway and noticed instead of £250 a month they have put it to £261.50 a month.


It's just a joke. It was £200 a month for a year then in November increased arrears payments to £211 a month. Then the month after wanted £1206 I called them agreed the arrears were £250 a month and now my online account says £261.50 a month how does that work?

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You should pay your ongoing liability plus an amount towards the arrears. For arrears, the CMS can take up to 40% of your income which is at the discretion of the CMS.


If you disagree with the amount taken for arrears, you should follow the complaints process, provide a budget statement showing that the arrears payments are causing you hardship and argue to have them reduced.

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I think that is what I will have to do sooner or later. I'm aware they can take upto 40% so far they haven't asked for a budget and I haven't really argued with them over the phone.


My gripe is not so much paying the arrears it's the way they are doing it. had a HMRC statement from them which worked out my earnings to pay for 12 months with increased arrears for 2019. but then a month later changed that to 98% of my wage.


Fair enough it might have been an error on the computers part trying to claim back the arrears in 12 months.


Made a phone call to enquire about it, mentioned the statement for the next 12 months including increased arrears I was paying back already inc in that statement and basically just wanted the £1206 reverted back to the £211 they had set it to for the next 12 months. only when she went away and came back she said we can only take a min £250 payment from today for the next 12 months.


So I agreed with that I then asked shall I changed my SO now then. She said no wait for a letter to come. this was on the 30th November still no letter but I have seen changes on my online account where the forcast for the next 12 months is £261.50 so this wasn't the agreed amount on the phone.


My case being its not that I am refusing to pay arrears it's them saying one thing then doing another.


I checked my online account the other day after I sent them a message about the £261.50 and it went back to £211. Only the next day it was back to £261.50 so I messaged them again and I've just checked before I wrote this and it was back to £211.


So not sure what is going on and reluctant to call them. I've screen shotted with dates to show changes on my account day by day so that I have some evidence to show I can't keep track of it.


It was CSA in the first place that got me into 12k debt they admitted liablity for it I've got a copy of the recording for that so they did say as long as I was paying something to the arrears it was ok.


Seems CSA and CMS are just the same people with a name change.

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hope you are recording your phonecalls…….



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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hope you are recording your phonecalls…….


No I don't have the means to do that....However they do appear to record all their calls, least that is my understanding from the copy of the sar request I put in last year and the evidance they sent me

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Just an update to this thread CMS sent me a letter on my account tonight with a 14 day response time.


They have said I have missed 4 payments of £50.50 and want an explanation.


As per the start of this thread

a letter never came for the agreed £250 per month despite my online account saying £261.50 per month.


I contact them VIA my online account

they have a message centre to contact them regarding things with my account but never bothered to respond ...did this twice over a number of weeks.


I also took screen shots of my account statement over a 5 day period in December


my account was saying £261.50 one day

the next it was saying £210.84,

261.50 the day after that

then 210.84 etc.


The £210.84 was the original 2018-2019 payments set out for the next 12 months

the conversation on the phone was different to what was happening on my account.


I looked on my account tonight and the only letters on my account are as follows.


£210.84 2018-2019 statement


£1200 a month statement for 2018-2019 (which was a mistake on their part)


The letter they sent me today saying I had missed 4 payments of £50.50


Should I call them or write to them with the screen shots provided asking where the £261.50 came from


on the phone they said £250 a month and don't make any changes till the letter comes.


even if you take away the £50.50 from the £261.50 it comes to £211 which is still not accurate to the £210.84 on my account.



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