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    • As many as 10,000 rail travellers have been overcharged after being caught and penalised for not having a valid ticket. The Rail Delivery Group (RDG), the industry body that represents private train operators as well as Network Rail, has admitted that tickets inspectors have overcharged fare-dodgers to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds after rail companies failed to implement a rule change introduced in April 2018.   https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/aug/21/thousands-of-uk-rail-travellers-overcharged-for-not-having-a-ticket
    • I'm about to post this in a new thread, don't know if it affects you but there are quite a few rail companies involved.   https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/aug/21/thousands-of-uk-rail-travellers-overcharged-for-not-having-a-ticket   HB
    • OP has had their refund offered already : suggest you re-read OP’s posts for confirmation, although they didn’t get it because they were then asked to leave the station for saying the refund alone wasn’t enough (the OP’s version of events). You can bet the gateline staff’s version of events will be along the lines of “refund offered in an attempt to de-escalate the situation, but despite this situation escalated requiring security to be called, and the passenger was escorted from the station”.   It’ll be a “he said, she said”, and I can’t see a complaint going far. It doesn’t matter if a ticket has been paid for or not : once it gets to the stage where the staff deem behaviour sufficient for the passenger to be denied use of the station they are entitled to refuse travel, and unless the OP can show this was entirely unreasonable the OP is on shaky ground.   Demanding “more than a refund” from the gateline staff will make it hard for the OP to show they were being unreasonable, especially if the gateline staff’s version of events mentions this and even hints at any concern for their safety: how do you imagine they’ll have written it up?
    • Ok, so as you have been overcharged you now need to be pragmatic and first of all request a refund by making a complaint.  In this first complaint do not go on about what argument you had and what conduct the inspectors were following.  Concentrate on highlighting the fact that you must get a refund because they overcharged you.  People looking at complaints receive thousands everyday and anything longer than a few lines is usually misunderstood.    After you receive your refund, then you complain about the conduct of the inspectors,  as a completely separate matter. I note that you were offered a refund, an argument broke out and you were escorted out of the station. This will not play in your favour as all inspectors would have taken note of this in their notebook and possibly complete an incident report form with their version of events. Frustrating but that's how it is, that's why I said to be pragmatic. 
    • agree with DX100uk on the reply. Every time I have replied or complained about those firms to the FO and FCA they take an age to come back and even then its with nothing new as they cannot do anything. for what its worth my debt is over 70k and even that has been inflated ! so no worries there. There are many thousands out there in the same situation.   In regards to COB and even Stepchange don't even bother as they have no idea themselves something which I complained to the FO about as CWD and IDR use in there letters to seek advice when they know full well that no charity or debt company know anything about the debt in dubai situation so this is again unfair to be using this. what also annoys me is that nobody ever signs off letters its IDR or Moriaty law etc !!!!    I have never supplied my financial details and never will and only when and if and I will repeat when and if that the debt i owe is purchased by a UK firm or indeed taken through the correct channels or courts then I will defence myself.   It makes me alugh that they think a small c;laims court understands everything that goes on and dont understand the full picture of laws that are broken and sometimes human rights also.   The best one to date for me was in 2011 imagine my new job and my new partner and some stupid collection agency in Dubai send a Fax to my director about my debt !!!! embarrassing but at the same time good to get it off my chest. they then called my partner in her work !!!! (yes this was the first time she found out about everything again good to talk) against the law, against any laws but this is how the banks and the agents work similar to those of CWD, IDR and I think Moriaty    dont pay a penny !  
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