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My house was burgled in the week, flatscreen tv nicked. Phoned More than to start the claim, ask me a few questions including any convictions within the last year. I answer yes with a driving conviction 4 years ago...anyway she goes away for a few secs and comes back to ask me did i declare the conviction to which i say i'm sure i did.....

At this early stage she has put a few doubts in my head. Firstly as i have renewed the cover for the last 2 years i am not sure if

a) i had to declare it, was there something i missed on the form

b) I may have declared and am worrying over nothing.


As we're talking two and a half years ago i am not sure wot information i gave them. i dont think i would have hidden anythng from them, hence me telling them on the phone about it when making the claim


If the worst comes to the worst is it my word against theirs and can i request proof of my application that i have witheld information about it?????

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If the conviction is for speeding - don't worry about it. I have looked on the proposal form and it states you don't have to tell them about it.

Abbey - owed £3260 - Paid up.


Barclays owed £2500 - Paid up.


Halifax, Mint & Egg - next on the hit list


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How does a speeding offence matter? we're you doing 40 mph in your Brick & Tile semi detached house in a 30 limit? :p


You dont have to declare motoring offences on Home Insurance.

She aint doing her job right if she continued questioning you on it.


To my knowledge home insurance basic questions are "Have you ever had any criminal convictions excluding motoring", and sometimes, "ever been bankrupt"


They should back down and process your claim, if not remember that More th>n are an online insurer and it doesnt ask for motoring convictions online for Home Insurance.

In Insurance, thinking "It wont happen to me" could mean you dont have the cover you want at a time when you want it! - Dont always reject a Courtesy Car or Legal because you find the cost too much! Whats more valuable? YOU or the Policy Premium?


Please add to my reputation if my reply was informative to you. (click the scales);) Replies offered by me are not linked to anyone, and is from my own personal experience.:grin:

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I agree with the others. If you are ever in any doubt as to whether you disclosed something you should've on a proposal form, then electronic copies of the originals are kept & all calls are recorded - so there is never a case of your word against theirs. I used to work for More Than Household Claims.

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hi im with natwest home insurance and have accidental damage cover etc and my lad has spilled his juice in my ps3 now it wont work at all.natwest will ring me in the next 10 days but i was wondering how long it will take to sort out everything and get a new ps3 as i have never done this before?

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