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    • In 2004 myself and my now ex husband went into Lloyd's for a consolidation loan, based on a loan and credit card he had taken out. He was in the navy and I worked part time and was a full time mum. As he had debt and I did not, we were told for a lower interest rate they could give me a loan based on his wages. The loan was for £22000 and paid for his previous loans and an £8000 credit card he had. The loan was in my name alone and he made the payments from his account. In 2007 he was medically discharged from the navy, I called Lloyds and attempted to make a claim on the ppi, I was told that as the loan was in my name I was unable to. I argued that the loan had been in my name alone and that it had all been based on his wages. I ended up going to the financial ombudsman. Eventually Lloyds agreed to pay the ppi, this only lasted 12 months. At the time we were in no position to pay as he was not working and I was a student. I came to a repayment agreement with Lloyd's. All interest was stopped and the agreement plan continued. This continued until I got a letter from robinsons way saying they had taken over the loan from Lloyd's. In 2013 my ex and I split, leaving me as I see it with his debt and which he refuses to take responsibility for. I have continued to pay robinsons way whom I recieve letters from, I also get 6 monthly updates from Lloyd's on how my debt repayments are going. I would like to challenge this as a misold loan and I hoping someone reading this can point me in the right direction   Thank you for reading.
    • have you bank statements prior to 6yrs   dx  
    • looking at the comms log sheet.   it reads to me that PPI must have been activated before the card was even approved!!   13/10/2003 [the supposed date of the phone call] Decision is REFER 20/10/2003 application pending.   2003/11/11 decision is accept.   sorry but how can someone sign you up to PPI when the credit card the PPI will protect is not even approved   they have LIED that the phonecall 13/10/2003 was to activate the card, it WASNT, the card application was not accepted until 1 month later 11/11/2003   which tallies with no PPI charges till 17/12/2003    PPI                        £0.85    the 1st bill after activation  
    • I notice that on their PCN under the Parking Charge Amount it states "    PAYMENT TO BE MADE WITH 28 DAYS OF DATE ISSUED: 11th July 2019  when what they mean is that payment is to be made   WITHIN 28 days. Does that invalidate the PCN as not only is it totally meaningless but does not comply with the legal wording either.            " "
    • Following copied pasted from credit file all personal info removed   LENDER BALANCE UPDATED STATUS   Lowell £ 246 09/07/2019 Default   Account type Mail Order Account number ;i;;;;;;;:;::6995 0       claim form= P9323927 Account start date 26/04/2013 Opening balance £246 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 31/01/2014 Default balance £246   LENDER BALANCE UPDATED STATUS   Lowell 1,319 09/07/2019 Default   Account type Mail Order Account number ;;;;;;;;;;;;;7001 0         claim form= Y8900056 Account Start date 19/10/2012 Opening balance £1319 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 29/01/2014 Default balance £1,319   LEN DER BALANCE UPDATED STATUS   Lowell £1,209 09/07/2019 Default   Account type Mail Order Account number i;i;::;i:;;:i;4533 0       claim form= 105540308 Account start date 21/09/2012 Opening balance £1,209   Many thanks Trace Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 25/05/2014 Default balance £1,209 As you can see numbers on all claims totally different in last 4 figures Have further checked accounts for Littlewoods and no payments to that name exist from any bank account      
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Universal Credits & Tax Credits

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In July my wife left me

at the time I was receiving ESA (support group), Severe Disability premium, DLA, tax credits & LHA.


I informed DWP of the change in my circumstances and was advised that I didn't need to contact any of the government agencies as my change in circumstances information would be passed automatically. This was a godsend at the time as I suffer from numerous physical and mental issues.


Today I have heard from HMRC saying that I may receive a fine of £300 for not informing them of my change of circumstances. I was also informed that in September my area became full UC so I will be forced onto Universal Credit without any migration protection, is this true? is there anything I can do?

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The issue here is that DWP were ok with your change in circumstances and could retain your DWP benefits.


On the other hand, HMRC Tax Credits would deal with your change in circumstances, as a reason to close your TC claim and for you to claim UC instead.


Can I suggest that you get in touch with your MP's office to raise a complaint in writing. It is not fair that you are being threatened with failing to report the change, if someone from DWP told you that you could continue with the current claims.


Your local MP is more likely to obtain a resolution to this, than you will by trying to deal with this yourself.


Changing to UC now, could see you being a lot worse off.

We could do with some help from you.



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Some local MP's have an office with a weekly surgery, definitely check that out too.

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Thanks Guys, getting in touch with my local MP is a great idea and not one I would of thought of myself. As it stands at the moments, there is no way I will consider switching to UC I would rather just loose the Tax Credits, but what a choice because of somebodies awful instructions, lose my tax credits or lose my severe disablement allowance. This is having such an awful effect on my health.

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