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Help with csa, my daughter's mother and CSA made me homeless and jobless

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Hello people,


My name is [removed - dx], I am 26 years old., From Bedfordshire.

I have 4 kids (please don't judge) with 3 mother's, 2 of whom we are good,



my youngest child's mother always causes issues

if I give her money like the other 2, she is not grateful and wants more, which is unfair to the other mother's,



she went to CSA and claimed I never got involved with my child and also went to my work place and put in a complaint, claiming I was breaching data protection



a case was brought up but I was okay as she kept changing stories.

But it got to me mentally and I eventually quit my job,



I took a few weeks out of work and worked in a new place

now CSA sent me a letter saying they'll take 50 pound each week from my new wages which was less than I was giving her,



then I received a new letter stating they was going to take 120£ a week.

At the time I was living in a shared house and could barely afford to pay rent with this new job,

let alone pay for my other kids,



I ended up working overtime everyweek and loosing out on sleep,

so I could hardly see my children,



this started to affect my health, my life and was making me really weak, I wasn't eating.


I rang them and pleaded with them,

supporting my case with what I could and saying I couldn't afford what you was taking,

but they had made it so it came straight out of my wages,



I couldn't pay a single penny to my rent,

I couldn't afford food,

or even to pay for my other children,



I eventually became homeless and turned to alcohol (iknow that isn't great, please don't judge) with no home,

I lost my job (which was night shift) I had nowhere to go.


I've had various mental health assessments also.


Until I met a very old primary school friend and he took me into his home up north in Lancashire,

he housed me for a bit while I started work, and got myself a place..

things was going okay, my mental state really improved.



Until I received another letter this morning, stating they will be taking even more money.


Is there anything I can do, I'm sure it is illegal to make someone feel so low and homeless.


If anyone can help that would be much appreciated, even if it's something small....



I just don't know what to do.

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If you earn over £200 per week and have four children, your child maintenance liability is 19% of gross wages each week/month, and then 15% of any gross income above £800 per week, plus an additional amount towards any arrears which you have. The 19% should be shared between the mothers based on how many children they have. The letter you received should state on it how the amount you should pay is calculated, if your wages on the letter are miscalculated by more than 25%, you can ask for a recalculation.



If it is only one mother claiming through the CMS, the amount you pay is 12% of gross, and then 15% of any gross income above £800 per week, plus an additional amount towards any arrears which you have. The CMS will not take in to account other expenditure which you have.




How much are you expected to pay each week/month?

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