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    • debt collection agencies will always lie to make money.   pay the debt owner what you owe if they want to charge unlawful debt collection fees , that's their problem.   let them issue a court claim, see how far they get!!   there are a few threads here regarding IF/ if not collection charges are actually allowed, I think it pays to go read your lease documents carefully to make sure    read these too:   https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8889411648654839:3134625398&q=ground rent DCA charges&oq=ground rent DCA charges&gs_l=partner-generic.3...131396.138941.0.139161.      
    • I doubt they'll take a blind bit of notice TBH you could quote the FCA rules to them, but I doubt they even know who they are even though I assume they are FCA registered.?? go check the company name fca reg number on the FCA register that they should quote at the bottom of all correspondence.  
    • its not a letter from PRA  its a large brown windowed A4 envelope from northants bulk county court - a court claim pack. you DO NOT ignore  you DO NOT contact the fleecers or their dogs. his next time..never ignore a Letter of claim never run from debt never move without informing ALL your debt owners in writing   ... you are lucky this was not filed to an old address and 1st you'd know is bailiffs at your door   please complete this:      
    • Thanks for your reply. Should I email them stating that the penalty is unlawful?
    • Hello,   I'm brand new here and am hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. Sorry in advance that this is so long!   a couple of years ago Property Management Company Ltd sent Debt Agency 1 after us (both saying they acted 'on instruction of Leaseholder Ltd' - separate company) for late payment of our service fee on our flat (200 miles away, tenanted since purchase).   We hadn't owned the house long and, in spite of us chatting to Property Management Company Ltd all the time various things to do with our tenants and them having multiple records of our real correspondence address, they sent the bill to our tenants, so we didn't realise we were late with it.   We wrote to them and politely pointed out they had multiple records of our real postal address. They admitted it was their mistake, we paid, charge was removed, they said they would update records and email service charge in future, all fine.   Last week Leaseholder Ltd sent Debt Company 2 after me about 2 x unpaid ground rent plus collection fee, they had also been sending bills to the tenants address. I had received one bill from Leaseholder Ltd for GR since purchase, sent to correct address, but that was ages ago. I paid it straight away at the time, but I guess it never really crossed my mind how long it'd been since I'd received one.   Explained to Debt Company 2 that had received one bill ages ago, that suggests they did in fact have my address? They claim they didn't, and tenant or lettings agent must have opened letter and forwarded.   Also explained to Debt Company 2 about previous mistake with Property Management Company Ltd and Debt Agency 1, and explained both said they were acting on Leaseholder Ltd's behalf - so surely one of them told Leaseholder Ltd, once it was all resolved, that the issue had been down the the address mix up? No, says Debt Company 2, Leaseholder Ltd has never heard of your London address, nor did they instruct Debt Agency 1 to act on their behalf, and it's 'very illegal' that they claimed they were acting for them. So no idea what's going on there.   Leaseholder Ltd say it's not their fault no one gave them the right address. I say it's not my fault that Debt Agency 1 and Property Management Company Ltd both gave strong (and apparently illegal) impression that they were speaking on Leaseholder Ltd's behalf - leading to my assuming there were across the details of the dispute and therefore were made aware of the mistake/resolution.   I know I'm not totally blameless; I should have realised it was weird getting one bill and then none after but we get so many bills I just pay them as they arrive and move on.   Am I wasting my time, would you all just pay it, charge and all? Seems really unfair given I was under impression I was talking to intermediaries when I wasn't.   Thank you in advance.
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Dont know if this is the correct section:


We have a 13 year old boiler and have paid Boiler care cover for 11 years which also covered pipes, electrics etc... Basically their top cover.


Over the past year we have had boiler failures around 4 times and its usually the odd filter, pump etc... although 4 months ago they changed the circuit board.


They did advise during the last visit that we would really need a system flush at over £500 but we thought this was steep so didnt get that done but at the same time not advised that failing to get that done could cause damage that would result in our boiler not being covered in the future.


Yesterday the boiler just wouldnt reset so we called them out again and it turns out that the heat exchanger is leaking which has leaked onto the circuit board.


The engineer called his boss but they are refusing to cover the claim because we didnt get the flush done.


The options they gave were:

Fix the parts at £400 or get a new boiler.


So we now have a sticker on the boiler saying its unsafe to use.


They said that the cost of parts previously used to repair the boiler is more than the boiler is worth itself, but the way we say it was that thats why we took out the £30 per month cover.


Called a few companies for quotes but its also going to be a few weeks without hot water and heating so no good with 3 kids.


Im trying to find our contract to read the terms although i know that they will have covered themselves. Anyone else been here with them?



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Unfortunately with a system as old as yours you were advised correctly.

A system flush is a high pressure technique to remove all the rust and metal particulates from your pipe work and radiators. All tho gunk will eventually cause your heat exchanger to either block or fail.

Remember to replace radiators when buying a new system or you'll seriously affect the life of your new boiler.

Also consider having a magnatec fitted. It can increase the boiler life by years.

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Thanks for your reply.

I agree to a point with it being and older boiler although they cannot prove that this was the sole cause of the exchanger leaking, plus they never advised us that failure like this could occur and was advised that filters would keep clogging up . So no mention of failures like this and the consequences of it not being covered.


My mother has a 20 year old boiler thats never been flushed out or had any issues. It might be down to to rubbish vokera boiler that we have.


The engineer said that even if it had been flushed and the part still failed then they still wouldnt have covered the claim


At the end of the day they continued to take our payment when they knew their next visit wouldnt be covered.

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Vokera boilers are pretty poor, I moved to a house with one. It was bad from the start, but failed a few months later.

Had a Worcester Bosch fitted by a local engineer, he services itvevey year for £60 and I get a 10 year WB guarantee.

Personally I would not be paying BG £30 a month you have paid for two boilers in that time.

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